The Girl on Fire before it was mainstream

by typehere


I hate stereotypes.  I think they have increased in numbers since the Hunger Games movie came out a couple of years ago.  It is such a waste that most of the people are being categorized into different cliché groups, race and impressions.  They were basically getting robbed with their chance to be themselves. I could be the best example of this.

My hatred with people who fancies being stereotype started when my family started to move around from one town to another.  The next thing I knew, we were moving from one state to another.  If I could count it correctly, we already moved more than 10 times since our family was formed.  It was because of my father’s work that we end up not having a permanent address.

Every time I move to another school, I receive different looks from the students.  Some were like, ‘Moving to another school at the middle of the year?  She must have done something terrible.’, while the others are ‘I heard she moves around often, maybe they’re some sort of criminals.’  I can’t remember every impression they have for me, they are too many to mention.  It’s always like that so I end up not being mindful of other people.  But when they speak something bad about me being an archer, that’s when the hell seems to break lose.

Until one day, some jock jerk taunted me into using my bow and arrow for their animation project.  He bugged me until I gave up and agree to his plan.  At the back of my mind, I knew it was just for fun.  Maybe they are waiting for me to fail so they could laugh at me.  They have never been so wrong.

So I went to this little wrecked warehouse where the walls are spray painted with target locations.  In the middle of each circle were glued apples.  The jock came up to me and said that they want to capture everything, and they want to see a bull’s eye.

So I stood a couple of meters away from one of the target locations.  I took out one of the bow from my back and spread my feet a little so I could face the target while standing at a right angle.  I nocked the arrow on the nocking point of the string of my bow and stretched it out as I keep focus on the far target. My fingers were shaking a little as I hooked the string of my bow together with the end of the arrow.  But it gradually disappeared as I anchored the string to my chin and nose.  I got the sight on my target straight as I moved my bow a little to the right.

I made sure that I was relaxed before I released the string and I watched the arrow flew straight into the target.  The apple got detached from its place as I hit it dead center.

I guess it was a win-win situation at the end.  They got their movie just fine; even if they edited it out that I didn’t hit my target.  But after the movie was passed from each of the students, I became the real Girl on Fire.

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