The Basketball Game

This basketball game was definitely not any ordinary basketball match because it was going to decide their fate. Joe, Stephen, Carmel, Veronica and Edward – all of their fates. They were sitting ducks. They had decided to stay there that night.

“What will happen tomorrow!” exclaimed Carmel. Joe knew that they would have to win the game in order to protect their 300 year old dark secret. Not only that, but his beloved Irina was being held captive by James. You see – Joe, Carmel, Veronica, Stephen and Edward were the five children of the Irish Witch Colony. They had some inhuman powers within themselves which they had kept hidden from the human world. But one human knew about it. It was Irina. As Joe was in love with her, he had revealed his truth to her and she accepted him with it and promised to keep it secret.
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The Pitcher

Part 1

“You’ve got to strive to be the best. You must believe that you can be the best, regardless of others’ opinions. Only then will you achieve great things”.

Lance Mcfly’s pitching coach was more than just a teammate – he was a mentor; and an inspiration.

“Thanks Jeb” answered Lance.  Jeb Stevens had been the pitching coach for the Kaper University Archers for the last 15 years.  He, along with manager Irvin Tisdale, led the University baseball team to 7 divisional championships in the last 12 years.  Out of those division appearances, the Archers went on to win the championship 5 times. However, they had not been to the division finals in the last 4 years. Continue reading “The Pitcher”

Play Fair Or Do Not Play

This would be the biggest football tournament of all that they had ever played in and Billy was really very excited about it. But his excitement was getting drained by the torturous practice. Coach Robert was making them do 10 laps around the whole field. Billy Williams was the best player of St. Francis School’s football team. He was also the coach’s favorite player.“It was really a terrible and tiring practice. I know that. But this was needed preparation for the game,” said coach to Billy. “Yeah, sure that was necessary,” replied Billy with a smile. Billy always liked coach for his “tough love”. Continue reading “Play Fair Or Do Not Play”


Brian was on his way from his house to go down to the playground basketball courts at the local junior high school. This had been a popular place to play basketball pickup games for the neighborhood kids for many years. He was a natural athlete and had very quick hands and feet. Not only did he have quick feet, but he was also very fast. He was able to move and react very quickly and move up and down the court with breath taking speed. His movements were cat-quick and he had no fear of leaping into the air or onto the ground chasing after loose balls. Continue reading “Brian”

Follow Your Dreams

John loved sports.  It could not be stated any plainer.  Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, you name it – he loved it.  He loved playing, he loved watching, and he loved cheering on his favorite teams.  He would go to the stadiums in torrential downpours and near blizzards.  He would go on scorching hot days when the stadium seats were nearly melting and ice cream did not stand a chance.At home John would turn on his 80 inch Hi-Def. LED TV  and “coach” his team by yelling at them what they should do, or should’ve done, or what they’re doing wrong.  It made no difference to him that no one could hear him except his dog. Continue reading “Follow Your Dreams”

The Story Of Rambuss

You There!…Yes you…come here…yes…closer…closer…and I will tell you about THE STORY OF RAMBUSS!  Many years ago we were gathered around talking. One by one others of our group joined us.  And the same thing happened.  Each one would speak in turn with awe and respect in the tone of their voice of a being called RAMBUSS.

I remember thinking WTF is a RAMBUSS??  Still more and more came spouting words about the tales and superhuman deeds of Rambuss.  This piqued my curiosity and I had to find out more. I had to see for myself about this mystical, magical, awesome being. Continue reading “The Story Of Rambuss”


by ambergalore

“Dylan, are you excited about the game tonight?” Allison asked barely able to contain the enthusiasm in her voice.

“Yeah, sure,” Dylan mustered out in response.

Dylan was in his freshmen year in high school and the final game between his team, the Rattlers, and their rival school, the Pirates, was tonight.  While he was ecstatic about the game he was incredibly nervous.  Being his first year on the football team he had more mistakes under his belt than victories.  In fact, most of his teammates called him “the benchwarmer” for a reason. Continue reading “Focus”


by ambergalore

It was a frigid day in March, the trees were still recovering from the harsh winter and the streets were lined in slowly melting snow.  Hank opened the door and stepped outside, wrapped his scarf tightly around his neck.  It was the first day of spring training for the Titans, Hank’s high school baseball team.  Man, it is just too cold for this, he thought to himself.  It was Hank’s final year at Rock Hill High and he was starting to question whether he had his priorities straight.  Baseball took up a lot of his time and since he was looking to head to college straight out of high school and not on a scholarship, he needed to reevaluate the importance of baseball in his life. Continue reading “Choices”

Personal Heroes

by ambergalore

The wind blew through the trees, tapping the branches gently against the glass.  Andre looked outside and said aloud, “Today is perfect!”  A smile was plastered on his face, grinning from ear to ear.  Today was the first day for soccer tryouts.

“But Baby, isn’t the wind back for your game?”  Andre’s Mom asked with a confused look upon her face.

“No, ma, not when you know how to use it to your advantage!”  Andre replied as he jumped down from the stool he was sitting on.  He began stretching out his arms, pulling them back behind his head before going into a set of lunges. Continue reading “Personal Heroes”

Lost And Found

by ambergalore

The streets of Downtown Detroit were buzzing with faces from all walks of life; from the rich to the poor, from the sad to the happy.  You could find all different types of people roaming around this bustling metro city.  Jamal wasn’t quite sure where he fit in there.  He definitely wasn’t rich and he wasn’t sad, nor was he poor or happy.  There didn’t quite seem to be a niche that he fit into or felt comfortable in.  For this reason he spent most of his days alone, wandering the downtown streets and watching other people living their life, since he felt he was missing out on his.  Since his brother Marcus left for college he felt even more alone.  At least when he was home they would play a few rounds of basketball in the evening before the sun began to set. Continue reading “Lost And Found”