The Team Player

by typehere
basketball team

I don’t score much in every game, but I do help my teammates in putting the ball into the basket.  I’m always out of the painted area so I don’t get any rebounds, but I’m already halfway across the court for any possible fast break plays.  Sometimes, appreciation for other people is what I lack as a striving team player. But I’m not called out as a team player if I don’t do my best even without the appreciation.  If I’m lucky to get someone to ask me about my training and personal practices in playing as a point guard, I have a couple of things to share.  One thing I often do at home is doing circles.  I stick my feet together, held the ball on one hand and started circling around my back, then up to my head.  Once it gets around my head, I’ll continue circling it around me downwards, to my body, knees, ankle and back to the top.  My favorite part about the circles drill is the use of my fingers in circling the ball, and not the palm of my hands.

I also do the circles around each of my legs when I put it forward.  But instead of doing it from top to bottom, it is the direction that is being done alternately. And instead of doing it in one full circle, I do it like I’m making a number eight figure from one leg to another with the ball.  There’s a bit of challenge in it especially since no eye contact with the ball should be made.

There are lazy days of course.  There are days when I don’t feel like moving my feet or moving around, even in small distances.  Those are the days when I do the power dribble.  First 50 power dribbles on my right hand, with a little protection from the other hand.  The second 50 will be done on the same hand, but it will be lower this time.  After the 2 sets of 50 power dribbles on the right hand, I will transfer the ball to the left one and do the same sequence.

As a play maker, I need to get my ball handling skills into another level, or at least good enough to get the team going.  Making plays and carrying them out is vital in every game since we are a team and we try our best to be balanced. We don’t want to become a one man team.

Coordination, teamwork, cooperation and focus are the things we are always reminded about.  Our coach always mention it every game, even in our practices.  Each of us has a different level of these things in us, and in the way we play the game.  But everything will be useless if I can’t make the plays that we need to get a score.

It is a big pressure every time I see the score board and we are far behind by a couple of points.  I always feel like it is my fault. It is a good thing that we are a team, and I am a team player.  Every one of us is a team player and together, we will win.

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