The Basketball Game

This basketball game was definitely not any ordinary basketball match because it was going to decide their fate. Joe, Stephen, Carmel, Veronica and Edward – all of their fates. They were sitting ducks. They had decided to stay there that night.

“What will happen tomorrow!” exclaimed Carmel. Joe knew that they would have to win the game in order to protect their 300 year old dark secret. Not only that, but his beloved Irina was being held captive by James. You see – Joe, Carmel, Veronica, Stephen and Edward were the five children of the Irish Witch Colony. They had some inhuman powers within themselves which they had kept hidden from the human world. But one human knew about it. It was Irina. As Joe was in love with her, he had revealed his truth to her and she accepted him with it and promised to keep it secret.
James on the other hand was the child of the German Witch Colony.Once in a fight between the Irish Colony and the German Colony Joe had killed James’ wicked brother Charlie. At that time he fled as he was defeated by the Irish Colony. But now he is back for revenge. “We can never win from James and his team. He is very powerful. He was very confident about winning. There is definitely something behind his confidence,”said Carmel. Everyone knew that Carmel was right. But they also knew that they would have to win this game to save their Colony.

The deal of the game, which was set by James , is that the team which loses the game will have to give their power to the other team. The Irish Colony wouldn’t have agreed to play this game but James had forced them. He has taken Joe’s girlfriend Irina and hidden her somewhere. He has threatened to kill her if they refuse to play. So they have agreed to play. “I know, Carmel,” said Stephen “but he is not trained in this and in any case we have to keep faith in our self and win the match for the sake of our colony.” “He is right” sighed Joe “we don’t have any other way.” They stopped the discussion and went off to sleep.

Next morning they got ready and as per instruction went back to the grounds of the old cottage of the Irish Colony. As they got there they saw James and his team were already there. Their eyes were as dark as night.

The children of the Irish Colony understood that this was not going to be a fair or normal basketball game. So they also got ready for the deadly game. “So what are we waiting for? Let’s start the game” said James with a smile. The German Colony came forward and took their positions. But Joe said severely, “No, I want to see Irina first.” James laughed and ordered a man who was standing outside the field to bring Irina.

He went inside the cottage and came out within seconds carrying unconscious Irina in his arms. He laid her on a bed of grass at some distance and stood beside her. Joe was about to go towards her but James stopped him and said, “Not now, my brother. First the game then the girl. Now, Joe and his team also took their positions.

The game was divided into two 10 minute halves and the baskets were placed at very long distances and at great heights. The game started with the ball in the Irish Colony’s hands but soon the German Colony snatched it from them with their tricks.

In the next 10 mins the Irish Colony didn’t get the ball back although they tried their best. James among the opponent team was jumping at an unreachable height with his powers and moving at an immense speed.

Joe understood that someone else was helping James with his powers and he knew that it was James’ dad, Daniel, who was inside the cottage. But he knew he could do nothing. So he focused on the game. At the end of the first half the German Colony had 5 points whereas the Irish Colony had 0 points.

As soon as the first half of the game ended, Joe rushed to his father, Robert, who was standing outside the field and watching. He informed his father about James’ father, Daniel. “I see. But don’t you worry.

You focus on the game and I will deal with Daniel”, saying this Robert ran towards the cottage. The game started again and this time the ball was with James. As he ran with the ball towards the net, he began to slow down. Veronica, who was just behind him, overtook him and snatched the ball and moved towards their net. She jumped high with her power and threw the ball into the basket.

Joe understood that his father has won the fight and destroyed James’ father. So James was losing the excess power and becoming weak because his own power was not very strong. The Irish Colony now started winning the game.

Their points kept building up as James was now weak. Now, down to one minute the Irish Colony needs just one more point to win the game. As Joe ran with the ball someone hit his leg hard and he fell. He tried to get up but his leg hurt and he fell again. “Joe!” yelled Edward and rushed towards him. But Joe pushed him away and said, “I am fine. Just 30 seconds are left. Go and win the game.”

Edward got up and saw a player from the German Colony running with the ball. He ran to him and snatched the ball. He jumped very high and threw the ball towards their basket with all his power. The Irish Colony won the match. As soon as they had won the match the German Colony vanished into thin air. They fled away but a voice came saying “I will come back and you will have to pay for this with your life.”

Joe’s father came out of the cottage. Joe rushed towards Irina who has regained consciousness. They hugged each other. “Let’s go home, Love,” said Joe with teary eyes. Irina nodded slightly with a smile. She also had tears in her eyes. “So it was a nice basketball tournament, huh! At least I can say I played in a tournament and won it,” said Edward with a fake frown and everyone laughed.


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