The Story Of Rambuss

You There!…Yes you…come here…yes…closer…closer…and I will tell you about THE STORY OF RAMBUSS!  Many years ago we were gathered around talking. One by one others of our group joined us.  And the same thing happened.  Each one would speak in turn with awe and respect in the tone of their voice of a being called RAMBUSS.

I remember thinking WTF is a RAMBUSS??  Still more and more came spouting words about the tales and superhuman deeds of Rambuss.  This piqued my curiosity and I had to find out more. I had to see for myself about this mystical, magical, awesome being.

It was said that he would be appearing the following night at the same place that the others saw him last night.  I managed to secure a ride to this meeting place. When the bus stopped I followed the others to the meeting place.  I noticed there were also hundreds of other people there.

Then I spotted him.  He was tall and lanky looking, had blond hair, wore glasses and looked kind of geeky.  But there were a couple of other things that I noticed about him.  Even though he seemed to move with finesse, he was a fierce, aggressive, competitor.

Years later I remember seeing Kurt Rambis on tv, playing with the Los Angeles Lakers and it reminded me of that night years ago and even to this day I still remember when Cupertino High beat St. Ignatius in the CCS basketball championships.


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