Nicholas’ Gold Cup Journey Of Life

by petertebin

Nicholas started this Saturday just like every other one with a bowl a cereal and a big cup of milk.  Through the years his father and mother always told him that if he wanted to get stronger he needed his milk.  Next up for him was to get ready and head to the local bowling alley for the junior gold championship after winning his state tournament.

See Nicholas wasn’t blessed with the great abilities to play baseball, football or even any other contact injury.  Nicholas was born with a heart condition that kept him from playing with most of his friends.  As he started to get older he begged for his parents to let him play but the doctor wouldn’t release him.  His parents were so upset that they couldn’t give their son what they wanted so they started researching different sports that didn’t require extensive use of the heart.

The two made a list and called him down to the living room to speak to him.  They told him about the research and the list of sports that he could play.  Starting with playing pool, throwing darts and even bowl in a league.  At first he wasn’t on board with them as he said “they’re not sports”.  Now that was till his dad pulled up some videos of different competitions and leagues that go on.  After watching a few videos Nicholas wanted to give bowling a try despite not knowing what he was getting himself into.

As he approached the bowling alley for the first time Nicholas was only eight years old and had only bowled with his family and sometimes friends at night to have fun.  So the three of them walked around and watched the different age kids both girls and boy’s bowl.  Seeing the excitement on the faces made Nicholas want to join right then.  So his dad went over to the front desk, picked up some information and realized a new league was starting the next weekend.  Now none of them knew what they were getting into or if he would even like to bowl but it was something that was healthy and still give him a chance compete against other kids.

Nicholas father Nick took him to the Proshop store in the bowling alley and showed him around.  Nick found the ball he wanted it looked like a baseball but it was bigger and was a bowling ball.  From that day on Nicholas fell in love with the game.  This was almost eight years ago now as Nicholas was approaching his sixteen birthday.

As Nicholas walked to the lane all he could think of how cool it was to be competing for a gold medal for his age group.  Nicholas missed playing sports with his friends and hanging out with them.  None of them would usually come watch but changed today as a few of his closest friends showed up even a girl he really liked name Angelica.  Nicholas didn’t realize till after he threw his first ball.  After looking back to see them cheer him on it put a smile on his face.

Nicholas went on to win his age group and received his gold medal.  That gold medal he put around his head as he walked to his parents.  A local news reporter who knew of his condition walked over and asked him a few questions.

All he said was he wanted kids of all ages to know that there is a special activity, sport or event you can participate in even if you have a medical issue.  Just put your heart into it and you can succeed.

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