Just Another Game Of Baseball

by petertebin

The game of baseball was just a game for many but not for the Jacob boys.  The boys learned the game from an early age while playing along with their father.  Johnny and Joey were twin brothers who were born in a small town of New Township.  These boys played, talked and even dreamed about the game of baseball. Continue reading “Just Another Game Of Baseball”

Martin’s Hobby Of Card Collecting and Hard Work

by petertebin

Martin has been just your ordinary boy growing up playing video games, collecting sports cards and playing sports.  He started his days by going to school then after school the boys would play some sort of sport either basketball, baseball and even football when the weather got cold. Continue reading “Martin’s Hobby Of Card Collecting and Hard Work”

The Game of Baseball Handed Down From Father To Son

by petertebin

Tommy was just another guy working his eight to four job dreaming of what it could have been like making it to the majors.  Growing up a die hard baseball fan and a true fan of the Red Sox his first goal in life was to play for the Red Sox and the second one was to play professional baseball. Continue reading “The Game of Baseball Handed Down From Father To Son”

Jacob’s Field

by BigGeorge


There are many towns in the United States that are famous for it’s haunting.  There is Sleepy Hallow NY, famous for the famous story of the Headless Horseman.  There is Cassadega, Florida, known for being the home of the spiritualist movement.  But there is another place, not far away, in a once busy, but now, almost ghost town, Falls River Pennsylvania. Continue reading “Jacob’s Field”

Then Peter Was Born

by petertebin
The day Peter was born the excitement and joy filled the lives of his family and their friends.  That excitement was even greater for one special guy and that was his grandfather Linwood.  See Linwood grew up with two sons and two daughters who he loved greatly but they had grown up.  No more throwing the baseball around the backyard, free time to take them to the ballpark or even get them to go fishing. Continue reading “Then Peter Was Born”

Perfect Pitch

by typehere

Girl baseball player

A spontaneous decision is what brought me here at the public baseball stadium looking out at the people who are practicing randomly all around the field.  I’m with my brother and we are here because of a bet we made after I watched some funny YouTube videos.  The videos were about some famous celebrities throwing the first pitch of the game.  I was laughing so hard that my brother heard it and proposed a bet. Continue reading “Perfect Pitch”