Gabriel Inspires Ondimo To Towering Ranks In Lawn Bowling

by vomondi

A good title is earned from sheer hard work;  that was Ondimo’s mantra in bowling.  Ondimo, then a resident of Kansas State and originally from Senegal, was a promising young man in bowling.  He had lived in the US for only two years following his travel to the US to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Kansas State University in Manhattan. Continue reading “Gabriel Inspires Ondimo To Towering Ranks In Lawn Bowling”

Nicholas’ Gold Cup Journey Of Life

by petertebin

Nicholas started this Saturday just like every other one with a bowl a cereal and a big cup of milk.  Through the years his father and mother always told him that if he wanted to get stronger he needed his milk.  Next up for him was to get ready and head to the local bowling alley for the junior gold championship after winning his state tournament. Continue reading “Nicholas’ Gold Cup Journey Of Life”