Play Fair Or Do Not Play

This would be the biggest football tournament of all that they had ever played in and Billy was really very excited about it. But his excitement was getting drained by the torturous practice. Coach Robert was making them do 10 laps around the whole field. Billy Williams was the best player of St. Francis School’s football team. He was also the coach’s favorite player.“It was really a terrible and tiring practice. I know that. But this was needed preparation for the game,” said coach to Billy. “Yeah, sure that was necessary,” replied Billy with a smile. Billy always liked coach for his “tough love”. Continue reading “Play Fair Or Do Not Play”

Follow Your Dreams

John loved sports.  It could not be stated any plainer.  Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, you name it – he loved it.  He loved playing, he loved watching, and he loved cheering on his favorite teams.  He would go to the stadiums in torrential downpours and near blizzards.  He would go on scorching hot days when the stadium seats were nearly melting and ice cream did not stand a chance.At home John would turn on his 80 inch Hi-Def. LED TV  and “coach” his team by yelling at them what they should do, or should’ve done, or what they’re doing wrong.  It made no difference to him that no one could hear him except his dog. Continue reading “Follow Your Dreams”


by ambergalore

“Dylan, are you excited about the game tonight?” Allison asked barely able to contain the enthusiasm in her voice.

“Yeah, sure,” Dylan mustered out in response.

Dylan was in his freshmen year in high school and the final game between his team, the Rattlers, and their rival school, the Pirates, was tonight.  While he was ecstatic about the game he was incredibly nervous.  Being his first year on the football team he had more mistakes under his belt than victories.  In fact, most of his teammates called him “the benchwarmer” for a reason. Continue reading “Focus”

Long Shot Downfield

by maxabramson

Daryl McGoogle held the football straight up with his index finger, giving his teammate ample time under the most unrealistic of conditions to line up for a long kick.  Imagining the ball flying up through the center of the field goal over and over again, Roger Maestro took two long steps forward and kicked hard with his right foot. Continue reading “Long Shot Downfield”

Football Tryouts

by maxabramson

Cheerleader tryouts were already happening on the other side of school and Andrew’s girlfriend would be judging the new girls for the squad.  Having played Track & Field for two years, he thought that he might have the inside track on the prestigious football team.  Nearly all of his friends at Troy High School had attended “games” at neighboring schools, which did not seem to include “meets.” Continue reading “Football Tryouts”


by maxabramson

Stephen Morino’s shoulder and knee injuries had nearly ended his football career at the end of his college term.  With a real shot at playing for a winning NFL team, his senior year was quickly becoming his worst on the field.  Hot, muggy weather was now being replaced with a powerful downpour.  As practice wore on, the lukewarm water ran down their jerseys, into their shoes, and into their helmets, finding its way into every nook and cranny in the team’s uniforms. Continue reading “Everything”

Beer Babes And Ball

by isoliz808

These parties are getting out of hand.  Too much drugs, too many easy women.  We are going to get in trouble if we keep it up.

Tonight is so typical of what goes on.  We are at Jason’s house.  His parents are away and we won tonight.  It really doesn’t matter if we win or lose;  we’re going to party no matter what.  I’m sitting in the living room drinking a beer. There are girls in various states of drunkenness wandering around. Continue reading “Beer Babes And Ball”