by isoliz808

She is wearing my jersey again.  I love it when she does that.  I never thought a football jersey could be sexy but she certainly pulls it off.
I’m in love and not just because she likes to wear my jersey.  She takes care of me and has always been there for me. Continue reading “XXL”

The Champ Is Here

by isoliz808

I am a champion.

I do not say that to brag but it is a fact.  And in this town being a champion has its advantages.  Everyone looks at you differently.  And you get things for free.  There is a restaurant, The Continental, that lets the whole team eat for free.  I’ve been in there once since we won the state championship and it was pretty cool.  I had a burger, fries and a vanilla shake.  No charge. Continue reading “The Champ Is Here”


by isoliz808

My dad’s hospital room is small.  It’s a private room and there is barely enough room for the bed and two chairs. He has been in here for over a month.   I’m not sure if he will ever leave.  They diagnosed him with stage 4 brain cancer about two months ago and since his biopsy he has been here. Continue reading “Visits”