Follow Your Dreams

John loved sports.  It could not be stated any plainer.  Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, you name it – he loved it.  He loved playing, he loved watching, and he loved cheering on his favorite teams.  He would go to the stadiums in torrential downpours and near blizzards.  He would go on scorching hot days when the stadium seats were nearly melting and ice cream did not stand a chance.At home John would turn on his 80 inch Hi-Def. LED TV  and “coach” his team by yelling at them what they should do, or should’ve done, or what they’re doing wrong.  It made no difference to him that no one could hear him except his dog. Continue reading “Follow Your Dreams”

Personal Heroes

by ambergalore

The wind blew through the trees, tapping the branches gently against the glass.  Andre looked outside and said aloud, “Today is perfect!”  A smile was plastered on his face, grinning from ear to ear.  Today was the first day for soccer tryouts.

“But Baby, isn’t the wind back for your game?”  Andre’s Mom asked with a confused look upon her face.

“No, ma, not when you know how to use it to your advantage!”  Andre replied as he jumped down from the stool he was sitting on.  He began stretching out his arms, pulling them back behind his head before going into a set of lunges. Continue reading “Personal Heroes”

Final Two

by maxabramson

“GO-O-O-O-AL!”  Coach Richard Donovan watched the scoreboard hit 2-0, as the American team’s chance of winning even a bronze medal vanished before his eyes.  The stadium arose with a hundred thousand wild, cheering Colombians.  Their premature celebrations were deafening and heartbreaking at the same time.  Worse, his Left Forward had been hit–kicked, to be fair–and was now being pulled from the field on a stretcher. Continue reading “Final Two”

Wanda Ball

by BigGeorge

When Wanda was three years old she walked into her backyard and found a soccer ball.  No one really remembers how that soccer ball got there or where it came from.  Back then, in Wanda’s town many folks didn’t even know what a soccer ball looked like, but for this little girl with curly red hair and freckles it was as if someone had left that soccer ball just for her and she loved it. Continue reading “Wanda Ball”

Not Exactly It, But Close Enough

by laserlife

For so many people, sports are just a hobby, an occasion to gather with friends on a weekend, even if only to sit around the television and have fun cheering for their favorite team.  Tony loved how his family had that special way of getting together on a Sunday, the day where soccer is a guest of honor in nearly every Italian household. Continue reading “Not Exactly It, But Close Enough”


by slaven brnjakovic

In today’s world, football has grown to become a business rather than a game.  Thousands of players around the world now play for huge amounts of money, which gives them a superstar status.  Many earn so much money they don’t know how to handle it, while many of them are just using their talent to pick up from dirt and provide a living for their families. Continue reading “Mario”