Sorry, You Are Not Good Enough

by slaven brnjakovic

Misjudging a talent was always one of the biggest mistakes a club can make.  We have witnessed many scenarios on world stage, where a reputable club makes a mistake and doesn’t give the player a chance.  It is fair to say, that in most cases the judgment is good, but that one scouting error can label your club forever. Continue reading “Sorry, You Are Not Good Enough”

Lexus Misses Soccer Opportunity

by vomondi

“Come here!  You think this is a place where you can walk in and walk out the way you want?  I do not have any intention of arguing with you about punctuality,” the coach fumed summoning Lexus.

“Sir, I am sorry.  I had gone to my former school to pick up the certificates.  You had asked us to bring them,” Lexus said running towards the coach, “I have managed to get my certificates.” Continue reading “Lexus Misses Soccer Opportunity”

It’s Not About The Technique. It’s All About The Heart

by laserlife

When it comes to sports, they mean different things to different people.  For some, practicing a particular sport is all about satisfying their ambition and hunger for success.  This does not necessarily mean that these people aim to become dull millionaire celebrity football starts, but it means that some people actually train with well-defined goals and objectives in their mind. Continue reading “It’s Not About The Technique. It’s All About The Heart”


by slaven brnjakovic

It is common that each player enjoys support from his audience and his home crowd no matter what.  Just the fact that you are wearing that club’s crest on your chest should be enough to start.  Lack of support can easily backfire on the player and cause him to lose the self-confidence and perform at a lower level than usual. Continue reading “Mickey”

THE DETAILS YOU NEVER NOTICE: An Ode To The Kids In The Background