by cam smith

Bethy Waters sat quietly on the steps of the high school she attended, Wyatt High School.  It was the first day of school and she had just found out that the girls’ soccer program had been canceled.  She was thinking of what she could do.  She really wanted to play soccer but the girls’ soccer team could not raise enough funding to continue and anyway, most of the girls on the team weren’t really interested in playing sports. Continue reading “Bethy”

The One Goal

by ambergalore

It was one of the last games of the soccer season.  We had played a good game so far but a lot was riding on this last goal.  I started playing soccer in the 6th grade and I never looked back.  I saw a game one day when I was home from school.  They were speaking in a different language and I couldn’t understand what was going on, but I didn’t need to.  I was fascinated. Continue reading “The One Goal”

Football for a Nation

by slaven brnjakovic

Football World cup has to be one of the greatest events in the history of sports, right next to Olympic Games.  Qualifying for a competition of this importance often serves as the brightest point in someone’s career and representing your country at such an event is the biggest honor any professional athlete can live.  Football often serves as the middle man to uniting a nation, which is separated in specific conditions. Continue reading “Football for a Nation”