Yegom Rises To Fame Through Personal You Tube Javelin Training

History In The Making

by slaven brnjakovic

Several years ago, I went to the same class with Michael, who was very good at various sports.  He trained in rugby, but was also very talented in football, athletics and even swimming.  He was considered one of the best athletes in his generation.  But this story is not about him.  It is about a boy that gained everybody’s attention by defeating him in athletics. Continue reading “History In The Making”

Joram Transforming Lives Through Marathon

by vomondi

Knowledge is power, or so, the wise men say.  While many people take the knowledge that they have for granted, Joram thought otherwise.  Joram was in his early 30s, he was lean and fit just like all the professional marathoners.  He had been in marathon since his late teens and had excelled to the Olympics, earning his country several gold medals. Continue reading “Joram Transforming Lives Through Marathon”

Getting Somewhere, Step By Step

by laserlife

In the world of today, it seemed to be apparent to Gabe that it is becoming more and more complicated to truly establish a genuine connection with somebody.  There is just so many people only looking at life from a very superficial point of view, and to be honest, this was very discouraging for a young guy that was still trying to find his place in the world. Continue reading “Getting Somewhere, Step By Step”