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The score is 22 -24.  Just one more point, one more mistake, or one more successful attack will conclude the ending of this game.  I have never been more pressured in my life.  Yet, I have always wanted this to happen.  I have always wanted to make a decision.  I want to drive the path that this game will end up with. Continue reading “22-24”

To Lead is to Teach

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Cassadee is the captain of the university’s volleyball team.  She’s the perfect leader: friendly, understanding, can get along well with other people and she has all the volleyball skills of a team captain.  She was the perfect choice and the perfect girl for the position.  Many players have dreamt of getting into her position.  Many of her team members are looking up to her as an inspiration, as a great leader. Continue reading “To Lead is to Teach”

No Such Thing as Too Young

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He waved at the girls as usual and they all squealed with glee.  “Stop squealing and get up!”  the little girls stood up and immediately formed their lines.  He looked at each of them, knowing that they wanted to lead the warm-up routine.  He had always been picking out random members of the volleyball team to lead but this time; He called out the first row to lead.  The girls jumped off until they reached the front and they went on with the warm-up routine. Continue reading “No Such Thing as Too Young”

The Twin Towers of North Eastern College

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We’re not twins but they consider us as one.  We kept ourselves different, which we naturally are.  She keeps a low ponytail and I keep a bun whenever were around the court.  I’m an inch taller than her but her body is more toned than mine. I wear girly clothes and she wears a sporty look.  But every time we walk side by side around the campus, classroom, hallway and gymnasium, all we could here is “Hey there twins!” Continue reading “The Twin Towers of North Eastern College”