Ice Queen

by slaven brnjakovic

Anne always had so much love and passion towards figure skating, but she was afraid to try and sign up for the school figure skating club.  And it was all because of her parents, who thought her older sister, Jemma, was perfect, and expected her to be the same as Jemma. Jemma was the smartest girl in her class, the captain of the basketball team and the president of the school board.  But, Anne was nothing like her, she was just a shy girl not eager of proving herself to the others.

Anne’s favorite thing to do every Friday night during winter was watching the figure skating competitions on TV.  She also loved going to the city hall and watching live competitions.  One day, a guy from her class named Tim, whom she really liked, asked her to go out.  She couldn’t believe that and was so out of her mind from happiness.  He took her ice skating.   She was so happy and frightened at the same time.  But when she stepped onto the ice, everything changed. It felt so natural to her, and she was able to move and make some really gracious moves.  Tim stared at her in wonder.  He asked her if she ever trained that sport, and she said she didn’t.

So, he talked her into auditioning for the school figure skating club.  He was there, the whole time, and blew away her fears.  The figure skating trainer couldn’t believe his eyes- this girl was a natural born talent, her moves were so gracious and pretty that it seemed like she is levitating, not skating.  She was also able to perform some tricks even without practicing them.  The trainer signed her up, and continued practicing with her every single day.  They were practicing for the National junior championship.

The day of the championship arrived.  Anne was so nervous because it was her first time performing in front of so many people.  She didn’t invite her parents or sister to watch her, because she was afraid of disappointing them.  She invited Tim instead, because she felt safe having him on her side.  The competition began.  She was sitting in her chair, together with her trainer, and waiting for her turn. She watched the other girls, so shiny and confident, doing some amazing moves, making it all look so easy, but it wasn’t. In no time, it was her turn to show the judges what she knows.  She came onto the ice, her legs were trembling, and she felt like her heart is going to jump out of her body.  But when the music started playing, it all changed.  It seemed to her like the whole world stopped; she couldn’t even hear or see the crowd. It was only her, and the ice.  So, she began moving quietly, following the rhythm of the music.  Anne felt like a bird, ready to fly out of her nest.  She made a couple of flips and then a loop. It felt so easy.  She continued skating, carried away by the music.  Then, there was a time for a big finale – she had to make an axel, but with no mistake.  She closed her eyes, started to spin, and then landed on the ice perfectly.  She made it!

When she stepped out of the ice, she could hear the crowd applauding her.  Her trainer and the other girls from the team were congratulating her.  They said she looked like an angel sent from the heaven above.  Then, she noticed her parents sitting in the audience.  She couldn’t believe they were here watching her first performance.  They looked so happy and proud.  Soon after, the judges announced the winners.  Anne was second, and won the silver medal.  She was crying from happiness.  Her parents came to her, and started hugging her.  They told her that they were mistaken for wanting her to be exactly like her sister.  Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way, and so is she.  Anne was curious to find out who invited them.  They told her it was a young man named Tim who told them she is an exquisite talent.  She rushed happily towards him and kissed him in front of everyone.

Years passed after this event.  Anne became a successful figure skater, competing all around the world.  She married Tim and they had two children. She won so many medals in her history, but this first one was her favorite, because it was the one which proved her that everything is possible if you only try.

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