Beer Babes And Ball

by isoliz808

These parties are getting out of hand.  Too much drugs, too many easy women.  We are going to get in trouble if we keep it up.

Tonight is so typical of what goes on.  We are at Jason’s house.  His parents are away and we won tonight.  It really doesn’t matter if we win or lose;  we’re going to party no matter what.  I’m sitting in the living room drinking a beer. There are girls in various states of drunkenness wandering around.

Jason comes over and plops down next to me.  “Good game, dude, good game,” he says.

“I’m tired.”

“There are things you can take to cure that.”

I know what he’s talking about but I don’t want any part of it.  “Maybe I’ll just grab a Monster.”

“Don’t be a prude.”  He waves over a girl and hands her his phone.  “Take a picture of us, please.”

“Sure.  Can I get one, too?”  she asks.

“Of course.”  He puts his arm around me and pastes a big smile on his face.  The flash goes off.  She hands Jason back the phone and sits down between us.  Another girl appears out of nowhere and takes a picture of us.  I know that will appear on Facebook shortly but it doesn’t matter.  I don’t have a girlfriend so no one will be jealous.

“Thanks, you guys,” she says and kisses each of us on the cheek.  And just like that, she’s gone.

“I’m gonna go find that Monster,” I tell Jason.   As I get up my back seizes up a bit and the pain stops me in my tracks.

I got blindsided in the third quarter.  Getting crushed by a 250-pound linebacker is not an experience that I like.  I walk gingerly to the kitchen.  There are about five Vicodin in my pocket.  A gift from one of the football boosters who was at the game.  I think he played back in the 80’s.  I want to take them to ease the pain but don’t want to mix them with alcohol.

“Good game, Matt,” some dude says to me as I walk in the kitchen.  The counters are filled with liquor bottles, beer and mixers.  There are people standing around, some staring at me.

My back is starting to tighten up as I walk over to the counter.  There are a few cans of Monster sitting next to a bottle of vodka.  My back is really starting to hurt, a dull pain going all the way up to my neck.  I reach in my pocket and pull out the Vicodin.  I put three in my mouth and reach for the bottle of vodka.  The vodka burns as it goes down but I know in about 20 minutes I will feel better.

I have to stop doing this.

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