Big Man On Campus

by isoliz808

People think I have sex with a lot of girls.  That’s not true.  I mean, I could if I wanted to.  These girls throw themselves at me.  I know they don’t really find me attractive;  they just want to be with a quarterback.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hideous looking.  I’m okay looking.  Certainly not ugly.

Sometimes I think that I could have any girl at school if I wanted to.  I could probably have one or two teachers as well if I really put my mind to it.

I’m no virgin, either. I’ve had sex before.  My first time was my freshman year.  I was dating Laura Barnes and we did it one night after we went to see a movie. We dated until she moved away the middle of my sophomore year.  I was pretty hurt when she left and I didn’t want to date anyone after that.

All my friends said I should just go out and screw as many girls as I could and that would help me forget Laura. It didn’t.  I didn’t even screw that many girls. Only two.  The whole thing felt stupid and I just gave up.

But that was when I started focusing on football.  I trained as much as I could.  I was on the field every day during the summer, practicing.  I lifted weights while everyone else was sleeping.  Nobody worked harder than me.

I rose up the depth chart my junior year and became the starter this season.  That’s when my life changed.  That’s when all these girls started coming after me.  It’s crazy to think that a girl would want to have sex with me just because I am a quarterback.  It makes me feel odd.

Tonight’s game has been over for quite a while now.  The locker-room is empty except for me.  I sit in front of my locker in my street clothes.  The whole place is clean.  It smells like a combination of soap and body spray.  There is a party tonight and everyone is going.  Except for me.  I don’t want to go.  I don’t even drink.

I used to go to parties with Laura all the time.  Sometimes we would go to two or three parties in one night.  After she left I slowly stopped going.  Seeing a bunch of drunk people act stupid was not my idea of a good time.  And then there were the girls.  They would want to make out or whatever and I didn’t want to.

At one point there was a rumor going around school that I was gay and that’s why I didn’t have sex.  It was stupid and I wound up having sex with a few girls just to shut everyone up.

I walk to my car and I think about Laura.  She said this would happen to me. Right before she left she predicted this would happen to me.  She knew me so well.

As I walk into the party someone hands me a beer.  I walk a few steps and set it down.  Leaving it.  I get some hugs from a few girls and high fives from the guys.  I head into the kitchen and grab a soda.  This is my life.

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