Something Different

by slaven brnjakovic

In the strange world we live in, we only have certain mainstream sports that are popular.  This can be considered the reason why my country never recorded any big results at the Olympics. Football, basketball, handball, tennis even volleyball are all present and if you train and perform any other sports, you are being looked at strangely from the local people and you might be given some bad remarks.

It is hard to point out the importance of gymnastics.  It can be called a fitness program at the same time, because it keeps you healthy and in shape all the time.  Edin was one of the most unpopular kids at the local high school, where most of the kids played football or basketball for the school team.  Edin was not really interested in that and wanted something more.  Gymnastics are not really popular here, mostly due to prejudices towards this great sport.  Edin wanted to  try it out, but was scared.  In his years as a kid, being unpopular can affect your life and point you in a whole nother direction.  Pommel horse was the discipline Edin showed most interest to.  Eventually after several days of persuading, he finally agreed and joined the team.

His friends were unaware of his after-school actions and thought that he went home right after school.  In the meantime, Edin left everybody at the club breathless.  It was clear that he liked what he did and he did it with great passion and love.  He soon became state champion and was getting ready for the European championship.

With the enormous success he reached doing gymnastics, it was impossible that he could hide that any more.  His friends started teasing him, punching him even harder than before.  That was the fear of someone different.  Edin chose to follow another life path and had to fight the prejudices from his colleagues.

Soon came the European championship and he prepared so much.  In his discipline, there was much competition from southern countries like Russia, Ukraine among others.  The competition began and Edin was the eighth contester.  The swings and side travels left the whole arena wondering who this guy was.  He represented his country with much pride and his results were astonishing.  He did not win the competition, but the experience he gained is worth much more.

After he came back to school, his reputation suddenly changed.  After they saw his performance on television, they all cheered and clapped.  Suddenly, they felt that you have to embrace those talents and support it.  Edin was a national hero and he received praise from all across the country.  Knowing that his friends and colleagues are behind him from now on, everything is possible in the future.  After that performance, Edin’s career went upwards.  He became the first Olympic contester for his homeland in this discipline.

What we are trying to point out in this story, is that you don’t have to be afraid to follow your dreams.  Just because you are different, does not mean that you are bad at it.  Focus on something that you want to achieve and with support and love you receive while doing it, a potential success is inevitable.

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