by slaven brnjakovic

One of the earliest sports athletes used to compete is boxing. One on one fights have been taking place ever since the human civilization evolved but they are also made an official sport. Often being called as the most unpleasant sport of all and referred to as barbaric, boxing has survived and is a dream sport for kids around the world. The inspiration to do sports comes from various situations in life, from personal goals to safety reasons.

Andy was never a bully at his school but was always bullied by some folks in school. He was considered a joke and had been teased through much of his Elementary school years.  He could not do anything against it and accepted his fate, hoping it would stop one day.  But once you are being bullied for a long period of time, you develop fear and just like animal predators, so can they feel it.  After completing his elementary school education, he was extremely happy because a chance for a new beginning occurred.

However, our statement above proved correct and his problems continued. One day after he was going home from school, he noticed there is a boxing club that just opened. He was slim and unfit but still decided to check it out.  He entered the building and no one was there.  Soon an older man who looked like a coach approached him.  After he introduced himself, he stated that he always wanted to learn the basics of boxing so that he can defend himself.  Although he did not think that violence is the answer to any problem, he had to learn to fight in order to have a safe adulthood.  Coach Maxi put him on a strict program and promised to teach him all the sports and moral values in this club.

After two months of intensive training, Andy forgot about bullies.  He started to love sports for the reason itself and not because he was afraid.  He learned how to throw punches, uppercuts, roundhouse kicks and many more.  He was weight lifting and could jump rope as well, hitting the bag and many other activities.

After two months, the bullies left him alone.  Now, they started to fear him because his punches were professional and might seriously hurt a person.  Andy could easily now seek revenge for all these years but did not.  He became a role model for younger athletes and maintained a normal, safe life.

He competed at an international level and won a medal at the Mediterranean games.  It was the first medal for his country in this sport and that made him very proud and popular.  He remained grounded and keep training for his biggest dream; go on to the Olympic games to prove himself and show to others that sometimes some miscellaneous events can lead to living a dream.

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