by typehere

It’s already 9 in the evening and we are still walking on the dark street.  My friends and I just finished our extra-curricular activity at school and we are now on our way to the dormitory.  We are all girls so we all stick together and hold each other while walking. I’m leading the way since I am the athlete.  To our surprise, some bully students from school were at the corner street where our dormitory is located.  The girls started to get really nervous and it caught their attention.The bullies approached us and I try to stand firm for my friends.  “We really need to get home now so if you’ll excuse –“My friends screamed when one of the bullies pushed me and I fell on the ground.

“Hey guys!  This girl looks familiar.  I think I saw her in the school paper.”

“Yeah I think so too!”

“I’m pretty sure about that.  She’ll be tomorrow’s headline.  The girl who was violated in front of her friends.”

“Oh really?”  I taunted them.

One of them ran towards me as I was getting up.  I’m still on my knees so when he opened his arms to tackle me.  I firmly hold my right fist and pushed my elbow towards my attacker’s chest as he got closer to me.  He fell down and is catching his breath.  The other two raged upon the defeat of their big man, the leader ordered the other one to attack me as well.  I lay down on my back and waited for his legs to get closer.  I grappled his right thigh with my two legs and twisted his body away from me.  He groaned in pain as I pull up his ankle while I am on top of him.  Their leader ran away and left his two limping crew.

My friends pulled me up and we ran as fast as we can to our room.  We’re all catching our breath.

“That was awesome!”

“We will definitely report this to the office.”

“How did you pull that off?” one of my friends asked.

“Mixed martial arts?” I answered.

Our school doesn’t have official events for mixed martial arts so I just decided to join the Karate club even though I suck at it.  I don’t concentrate on one art as I am fond of the different moves that I can make with the others.  Many people consider it as entertainment as they have already seen MMA.  But for me, it can still be considered as a sport.

I am looking forward to the time, when I can practice it formally.  I’m a little guilty about us running through some scary people at night.  I have the urge to keep on experiencing it in order to practice my martial arts skills.  I get my grabs from lying down stance and joint locks from different Jiu-Jitsu.  My defense movements and counterattacks from straight attacks are from Karate.  And if my opponent is strong, I hit his forehead with my knee which I learned from kickboxing.

Mixed martial art is something that may be underrated by most people.  But for me, it is the sport that I will always love and always practice every day, or at least when no one would try to harm me or my friends anymore.

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