The Real Fight Is In Your Mind

by laserlife

There are some people that are simply willing to take more in than the rest of us.  According to Dan Gamory, it takes somebody special to be willing to get punched in the face, beat to the ground, elbowed, kicked and submitted…just to wake up the next morning with a smile on his face and do it over again.  For Dan, fighting was way more than a simple sport, it was a way of life. When asked what was the drive that kept pushing him to get in the ring, he always replied that the true essence of fight is what kept appealing to him the most, and that had absolutely nothing to do with violence.  If anything, the violence is the most juvenile and immature aspect of the whole thing.  The real fight is inside, it is one mind against another mind.  Before two bodies even come close to touch each other, they play the game in their heads, almost as if they were moving their army of pawns in an invisible chessboard.
Dan kept sticking by these concepts throughout his entire career as a fighter;  from his early days as a student to his glory days as an international champion, until his final, less bombastic days as a trainer.  Even though he’s no longer the one in the ring, the fire still burns within his soul, and in many ways, being a trainer was a way to keep making him feel alive, a beating heart within the ring, connecting on a deeper level with his students, who were not only inspired by his outstanding career pedigree, but also motivated by his views on fighting.  It was pretty obvious to Dan that in order to fight properly, in order to have a chance to win and fight admirably, even in case of defeat, a fighter truly needs a motivation that goes far beyond the pure and simple concept of “winning”.  It all goes back to the mind game.  Why are you in that ring?  To solve a problem, to disclose your opponent’s intentions and moves, anticipating them even before they get the chance to unfold.  Fighting in the ring was merely seen by Dan as a reflection on what happens in real life.  We all need to solve some kind of problem.  Your wife wants a divorce, your kids give you a hard time, you can barely pay the bills at the end of the month.  Each and every single struggle is a challenge that appears right before your eyes, with all the possible solutions and outcomes in which you could possibly handle it.

As a trainer, Dan was proud of what he was doing, feeling like he was passing the torch to the next generation, keeping this ancient fire alive.  This fire, the fight, has been a part of human instinct since before we even evolved into our current state as modern human being, and although the norm of modern society forbid us to fully express this instinct, we can still cultivate its deepest meaning.

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