When the fall begins

by laserlife
It’s not a sport, they say.  It’s just like gambling with your own life.
It’s so childish of you to keep doing such things.
You have absolutely nothing to prove.Such sentences keep ringing in my head, pretty much every time I am up there on the ice.
Climbing iced waterfalls and mountain ridges is not exactly something you get to do every day.  Well, at least not you, but I certainly do. this sport is my life.  I love the feeling of it, I love the danger and I love the instability.  The ice is moving, it’s got a life of its own.  The ice is alive, and in turn it makes me feel alive too.  Each step forward is like a very elaborate chess game against the winter itself.  If I simply put a muscle in the wrong spot, then it’s checkmate.  I’m going to tumble down and fall.

The moment when I’m struggling the most is exactly when I start hearing all of those voices in my head.  I guess it must be some kind of nerve-wrecking reaction for all the pressure building up.  All of those people judging me and dragging me down….as soon as I start hearing those voices, something ignites inside of me.  A spark that drives me forward..

And trust me, it works.  The feeling of being more, the feeling of being one step ahead of those who only judge what they fear and don’t know…helps me find my way through the thick, yet unpredictable vertical ice sheet.

From up there, I could see the true, untouched beauty of nature from a perspective where few men dared stand.  I felt like I was one of a few privileged individuals who could witness such a marvelous spectacle.  I was happy and excited, gazing at the side of the mountain, when…

I could feel the ice cracking, and my left food suddenly encountering nothing but the void. I was falling down.

Upon falling, my head faced upwards, and the pale sky was the primary item to strike me, soon after followed by the searing cold.  It was much the same as a sharpened blade of steel, touching my skin.  The wind was so cold, fast and uncomfortable.

After a couple of moments, I realized there was nothing left to do but closing my eyes and simply embrace the fact that I was fully down and there was nothing that was going to hold me back.

Will I wake up in a hospital bed or is it the end?
All that I know, is that If I die today,  The last thing I ever saw was truly beautiful.

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