Then Peter Was Born

by petertebin
The day Peter was born the excitement and joy filled the lives of his family and their friends.  That excitement was even greater for one special guy and that was his grandfather Linwood.  See Linwood grew up with two sons and two daughters who he loved greatly but they had grown up.  No more throwing the baseball around the backyard, free time to take them to the ballpark or even get them to go fishing. Continue reading “Then Peter Was Born”

No Such Thing as Too Young

by typehere


He waved at the girls as usual and they all squealed with glee.  “Stop squealing and get up!”  the little girls stood up and immediately formed their lines.  He looked at each of them, knowing that they wanted to lead the warm-up routine.  He had always been picking out random members of the volleyball team to lead but this time; He called out the first row to lead.  The girls jumped off until they reached the front and they went on with the warm-up routine. Continue reading “No Such Thing as Too Young”

The Girl on Fire before it was mainstream

by typehere


I hate stereotypes.  I think they have increased in numbers since the Hunger Games movie came out a couple of years ago.  It is such a waste that most of the people are being categorized into different cliché groups, race and impressions.  They were basically getting robbed with their chance to be themselves. I could be the best example of this. Continue reading “The Girl on Fire before it was mainstream”