by ambergalore

I woke up suddenly to the sound of my alarm clock blaring in my ears.  Turning over to my stomach I picked up my pillow and threw it at the clock, knocking it off my nightstand and straight into the wall.  The buzzing slowly subsided, much better.  Right as I am about to roll over and go back to sleep I hear my Mom scream from the other room, “Michael!!  If you don’t get out of that bed right now you are going to miss the bus!” Continue reading “Mindset”

Living The Dream

by ambergalore

Anderson was a tall kid, towering over his classmates at around 6’3”.  His brown hair flowed like wheat in an overgrown field and his deep blue eyes appeared to carry soft ocean waves to shore.  Though he felt like just another average kid he always believed that he was getting attention he didn’t deserve.  The girls in school flocked around him, mustering words like “model” or “singer”, while the guys were much more direct asking why he didn’t just join the basketball team.  The problem was he didn’t find himself to be much of a model, he couldn’t sing, and just because he was taller than everyone else, he didn’t want to play basketball.  All Anderson really wanted to do was play hockey. Continue reading “Living The Dream”

One Mistake

by ambergalore

Kenneth was 17 years old when he was arrested for breaking and entering a private property.  It was that day that his life stopped.  Up until that day he had made good grades, was on the basketball team, and had a great set of friends, or so he thought.  Late one night on a cold November’s eve his friend Chris asked him to help move a TV.  It was a simple request and Chris had helped him out countless times, so he was quick to agree.  While the circumstances seemed suspicious to him;  the house being dark, no one being home, asking to not make too much sound, he went along with it anyway.  In retrospect, as he got sentenced to 3 years in prison, he wished he would have followed his gut instinct. Continue reading “One Mistake”

Final Two

by maxabramson

“GO-O-O-O-AL!”  Coach Richard Donovan watched the scoreboard hit 2-0, as the American team’s chance of winning even a bronze medal vanished before his eyes.  The stadium arose with a hundred thousand wild, cheering Colombians.  Their premature celebrations were deafening and heartbreaking at the same time.  Worse, his Left Forward had been hit–kicked, to be fair–and was now being pulled from the field on a stretcher. Continue reading “Final Two”

Long Shot Downfield

by maxabramson

Daryl McGoogle held the football straight up with his index finger, giving his teammate ample time under the most unrealistic of conditions to line up for a long kick.  Imagining the ball flying up through the center of the field goal over and over again, Roger Maestro took two long steps forward and kicked hard with his right foot. Continue reading “Long Shot Downfield”

Football Tryouts

by maxabramson

Cheerleader tryouts were already happening on the other side of school and Andrew’s girlfriend would be judging the new girls for the squad.  Having played Track & Field for two years, he thought that he might have the inside track on the prestigious football team.  Nearly all of his friends at Troy High School had attended “games” at neighboring schools, which did not seem to include “meets.” Continue reading “Football Tryouts”


by maxabramson

She was amazed at her own stamina.  Finally pulling into the ninth inning, she had nearly pitched a no-hitter, the first of the season, when a larger girl from the visiting team hit one out of the park.  The score was now tied at one run each, and there was already one out on the board.  The worst that could happen now was extra innings, and Kimberly Agin was ready for it.  Still, if they could get her long time friend, Sara, a beautiful Irish girl, home from second base, it was all over. Continue reading “Redirection”


by maxabramson

Stephen Morino’s shoulder and knee injuries had nearly ended his football career at the end of his college term.  With a real shot at playing for a winning NFL team, his senior year was quickly becoming his worst on the field.  Hot, muggy weather was now being replaced with a powerful downpour.  As practice wore on, the lukewarm water ran down their jerseys, into their shoes, and into their helmets, finding its way into every nook and cranny in the team’s uniforms. Continue reading “Everything”

Wanda Ball

by BigGeorge

When Wanda was three years old she walked into her backyard and found a soccer ball.  No one really remembers how that soccer ball got there or where it came from.  Back then, in Wanda’s town many folks didn’t even know what a soccer ball looked like, but for this little girl with curly red hair and freckles it was as if someone had left that soccer ball just for her and she loved it. Continue reading “Wanda Ball”