Sand on my Feet

by typehere

beach house

“This doesn’t feel like home. This will never be my home”

I always say that to myself ever since this new town became my new place to live in.  I thought I could adjust easily to this place without getting pissed with the sand on the morning breeze, the salty smell of the sea on my clothes and the little grains inside my shoes that makes walking harder than ever.  I have never been so wrong. Continue reading “Sand on my Feet”

Perfect Pitch

by typehere

Girl baseball player

A spontaneous decision is what brought me here at the public baseball stadium looking out at the people who are practicing randomly all around the field.  I’m with my brother and we are here because of a bet we made after I watched some funny YouTube videos.  The videos were about some famous celebrities throwing the first pitch of the game.  I was laughing so hard that my brother heard it and proposed a bet. Continue reading “Perfect Pitch”

The Twin Towers of North Eastern College

by typehere


We’re not twins but they consider us as one.  We kept ourselves different, which we naturally are.  She keeps a low ponytail and I keep a bun whenever were around the court.  I’m an inch taller than her but her body is more toned than mine. I wear girly clothes and she wears a sporty look.  But every time we walk side by side around the campus, classroom, hallway and gymnasium, all we could here is “Hey there twins!” Continue reading “The Twin Towers of North Eastern College”