David’s Important Game

by BigGeorge

It was a cold winter afternoon and David was eagerly anticipating their soccer match against Chicago.  David had just signed a professional contract with Texas and his soccer career was just taking off.  This was his first match to play as a professional player and things could not be any better.

David’s excitement was cut short when he received news that his beloved girlfriend had been involved in a road accident and her condition was critical.  Texas was to make a long three-hour flight to Chicago because they were going to play an away game.  David received a call from his team manager who was reminding him that the plane has to leave in 15 minutes.

David was still digesting the news of his girlfriend’s situation when he received a call from Bentley who was the team owner.  Bentley was just reminding David that his contract would be in jeopardy if he failed to go for the match.  David could not go to the hospital to see his girlfriend before going for the match because he was late and the hospital was 20 miles away.

David decided to go for the match after calling the hospital and getting an assurance that the doctors were trying their level best to save his girlfriend’s life.  David was a very dependable defender and that is the reason the Texas Sting had offered him a professional contact.  He was expected to give a good performance on his début and this was very clear to him.  David’s mind was not settled and it was expected that his level of concentration was going to be low.

David was drafted into the first team as a central defender alongside Peter, John and Martin as his fellow defenders.  The first 15 minutes of the game were very intense as the home side displayed a very attacking game but the Texas Sting back-line that included David was very solid.  The Texas team defenders managed to contain the pressure for 29 minutes but the unexpected happened exactly at the half hour mark.

David lost concentration and handled the ball in the box which resulted into a penalty.  The penalty was scored by Adriano who was a very inspirational Chicago Gangsters captain.  Things became worse for David when he committed a foul in the box five minutes later to hand Chicago a second penalty.  The  fans started booing David for his erroneous performance in the game.  David had never committed such mistakes in a single match in his entire soccer career.

David was substituted at the beginning of the second half of the game with another central defender known as Pius who had been disappointed for losing his place to David.  Texas gave a spirited performance in the second half but did not manage to score because Chicago’s goalkeeper made some heroic saves to prevent Texas from scoring.  David pleaded with the team management after the match to give him a second chance because he was not in the right frame of mind during the match because of his girlfriend’s condition.  David was pardoned by the team’s management and went on to enjoy a successful soccer career.

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