Sky is the limit

by slaven brnjakovic

There are many great athletes in the world, but there are only few who made it and became successful, even though they had disabilities.  One of the examples is certainly a young athlete named Sarah, whose amazing story keeps inspiring so many people.Sarah always loved being in water.  She spent her summer holidays at her aunt’s house near the seaside, and all she did was swimming.  When she was 10, she joined the junior swimming team in her town.  Few weeks later, her coach noticed she had the real talent, she was a lot faster than other kids her age, she had more strength, and it seemed like she could swim easily all day long.  Few years after, Sarah was 16 and she was a promising young athlete. She was winning every single junior competition.

One day, while she was practicing, her coach said to her that some important people want to support her financially during her competitions.  That meant she would get some equipment, and go practice in a huge Olympic pool in their capital.  She was really thrilled; she couldn’t believe that was happening.  Soon after, she was called to compete in a major regional junior competition.  There were contestants from more than 25 different countries, and she was one of three swimmers chosen to represent her country.

The day of the competition came, and Sarah was nervous, but really proud at the same time.  But, as she was approaching the pool, she felt some pain in her left leg.  She decided to go on with the competition.  In the end, she came in second and won the silver medal.  After the ceremony, she felt that pain again, but now it was a lot bigger.  Her parents took her to the hospital.  The doctor examined her leg and told her parents that their girl needs immediate surgery. It turned out she had some huge health issues, but she and her parents didn’t know that.  The doctors had to amputate her left leg.

The recovery wasn’t easy for Sarah.  She was so devastated with the fact she had no leg, especially because it meant that she couldn’t compete anymore. At first, she was in a wheelchair, but a few months later she learned how to walk with crutches.  It demanded a lot of persistence, but Sarah didn’t let anything  break her spirit.  She was a true athlete.

A year after the accident, her doctor let her go and try to swim in a pool.  Her parents and her doctor were there by her side.  She was quite good; she could keep herself on the water for a while.  She continued that practice every day, and soon after she was back to the training with her coach.  She was about to participate in the regional Paralympics.  She practiced hard, and was faster every day.  When she was in the water, all of her troubles disappeared and she could swim as easy as a fish in a sea.  She was truly brilliant in that regional competition.  She won 5 medals, 3 golden and 2 silver medals.

Nowadays, she competes against people with no disabilities, and still shows a lot of improvement.  She is a true example that you can make it, no matter what happens to you, only if you try hard and believe in yourself.

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