Water is meant to be enjoyed

by typehere
Every summer, my family would always visit our grandfather who lives at the beach.  He would take us in and give us the best room of his inn.  This family tradition went on since I was 6, but it was abruptly ended when I was 13.  It was because of the water incident that happened.My grandfather’s inn business was running quite well every time we would go there.  Later on, he was able to build a nice resort with all the pool, cottages, and amenities in it.  We would play volleyball, Frisbee on the wide seashore and go kayaking whenever the waters were almost still.  Of course, we tried all the amenities available during our stays.  But when we went there for my 13th birthday, something bad happened.

My brother and I tried the newly installed diving board.  Little did we know that it was at the deep part of the pool; 7ft to be exact.  So we jumped in and upon splashing on the water, it was too late when we realized that we were about to drown.  We were in the middle of the deepest part of the pool and there was only one lifeguard on duty.  My brother was much closer  to him, so he picked him out first.

For about a minute, I was left out in the middle.  My numb feet were struggling to keep on trying to swim up.  I was in so much of a panic that I couldn’t move in any direction. I know how to swim, but the surprise was too much for us.

I was finally saved and taken out of the water.  But I still felt the sensation of the water overcoming me for a while.  Since then, I never had a good feeling about the water.  I still swim, but only when the depth is just half of my height.  I know it sounds like I’m such a loser, but being a loser is much better than being a corpse, I think.

It was quite ironic that I was invited to join a swimming club when I came as a freshman to the university.  Some tanned dude was telling me that I have the form of a swimmer.  I was an isolated student back then so I joined in.  I was so scared at first but then later on, I think I got used to swimming in deep pools.

There were competitions and those mini-events that practice certain types of strokes.  I’m the university’s representative for butterfly stroke events.  I’m pretty confident in every competition even if I never got the chance to be hailed as the champion.

It was always like that until the competition was held at the northern part of the state, where competitions for diving would be held as well.  I was walking along the side of the pool slowly with my team.  Every step was heavy, just like what my body felt when I almost drowned back then.

I positioned myself at the starting point and looked down on the water.  I can’t erase the thoughts of the incident in the past.  At the go signal, I dived into the water and tried my best to swim as fast as I could.  The water never felt so deep unlike before.  I struggled so hard to finish the race and when I got out of the pool, I just looked back at it.  I thought to myself,  “The water is meant to be enjoyed, not to be feared.”

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