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Andy was really not that kind of guy that was into sports a lot, although, he somehow felt that participating in some kind of outdoor activity was something that was kind of expected of him.  After all, each and every one of his friends, his brother, his cousins…all of these kids were a part of some after-school sport activity. More interested into trying to fit in rather than into actually focusing on a specific sport, Andy just tried a little bit of everything.

Soccer?  Way too competitive.  These kids were mean and the teacher looked like the stereotypical “I wanted to become a football player but I never really had my shot so I started to teach” kind of guy.  Not for him. Karate?  That looked really cool, just like in the movies!  But then again, it seems like all the kids that were into it had seen way too many of those movies.  It was a really weird environment.  On one hand, there were some insecure kids trying to find a way to defend themselves from the high school bullies and feel more self-confident, on the other hand, there was just a bunch of those very same jocks doing that class as an excuse to beat up some of the weaker kids.  Long story short, Andy tried a little bit of everything, and for one reason or the other, there always seemed to be something setting him off, either for the kind of people attending the trainings, because of an over-zealous teacher or simply because of the nature of the sport itself.

Discouraged by all of these failures, Andy decided to give it one last shot, and tried out basically the only sport he really did not try yet.  Tennis.  The idea seemed pretty dumb to him at first.  Two guys bouncing a small ball back and forth with some kind of rackets?  It just did not seem that fun.  But experience proved him wrong.  He started to enjoy the dynamics, feel and attitude of the sport from the start.  Even the kind of competitive spirit was different.  Competition was still there, but on another different level.

The spirit of antagonism with the player on the other side of the net was somehow counterbalanced with the will, the desire of acting as a great partner, creating a good game for everybody, the players on the tennis field as well as the trainer and the other observers.  While all the other kids doing sports in the afternoon “because they were told to” did not really get anywhere, Andy started to take this newfound hobby quite seriously, to the point that he kept developing his tennis skills even after the school years, becoming one of the best known young stars in the region.  Sometimes, the best decision can come out of …indecision!

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