The Easy Way…or not

by typehere
tennis court
5… 4… 3… 2… 1…“5 o’clock at last!”  Johnny whispered to himself while staring at his wrist watch at work. He’s been waiting for it for an hour already.  He wanted to get home as early as possible to drink some beer and relax for the rest of the night.  He immediately started cleaning up his desk, making sure that every file he works on is kept and secured in his cabinet.

“Too excited to leave?”  his fellow worker said as he himself is cleaning up his desk too.

“Just the same as you, Albert” Johnny replied as he folded his arms on his chest, waiting for his computer to completely shut down.

“Why do you always want to leave early?”  Albert asked anyway.

“I need to get home and rest.”  Johnny answered as he picked up his bag and started walking.

“Do you want to come with me?  I’ll hit the court to play for a while.”  Albert followed him afterwards.

“Basketball?  I can play that while sitting.”  Johnny teased as played with an imaginary console controller.

“Maybe you just can’t really get yourself to work out and be active.”  Albert taunted as he opened the door for his workmate.

Johnny is the type of person who does not back down on challenges so he accepts the challenge.  “We’ll see about that.  I’ll prove to you.  I can play, uh… Tennis!”

“Great!”  Albert exclaimed as he opened the door of his car.  “I’m looking forward to your invitation for a game.”  He saluted Johnny and ran off.

Johnny went straight to the tennis court along his way home to practice.  He went inside and there are a few people playing.  He looked at them and he’s like, “Meh.  This is so easy.  I know the basics.  I’ve watched many tennis games. I know the basics.”

A court personnel approached him and asked, “Did you come with a partner, sir?”

“No. I’m actually alone.  I need to practice.”  He said in a boastful tone as he stretched out his arms.

“I can play with you, sir.”

So Johnny went to the locker and changed his clothes.  He walked out slowly, and the court personnel is waiting for him.

“You go get the first service.”  He instructed the personnel.

So he did what Johnny said and served the ball.  It went past Johnny so quick.

“Oh I’m sorry!  I didn’t know you were unprepared yet.”  The personnel apologized and tried to serve another one, but Johnny wasn’t able to return it again.

Johnny sighed deeply.  He knew he was just pretending to know how to play.  He can’t even return a basic serve.  When he tried to serve himself, it just went out of bounds.  He knows tennis as a simple rally game.  He just needs to hit the ball over the net and make sure that it won’t get out of bounds.  Make trick shots.  Make the opponent chase all around the court.

But he can’t even serve the ball properly!

Johnny accepted defeat and decided to train himself in playing tennis.  He thought it was easy, that it is just a child’s play for him.  He has never been so wrong.

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