Yegom Rises To Fame Through Personal You Tube Javelin Training

by vomondi

In the city of Tollan, a number of schools, colleges and sports centers participated in several sports sanctioned by the respective administrations.  Most of the institutions in Tollan excelled quite admirably during sports competitions pitting them against institutions from outside the city. Year in year out, tournaments were organized by government, sports companies and celebrities for fun, recognition and as a way to develop the diverse sports due to their economic and social contribution.

In Bonze, a nearby countryside village, there existed a tall, huge teen with a towering physique.  His name was Yegom.  Yegom was from a very humble background with no economic muscle to attend the best school he wanted.  His father has passed on several years ago in a horrendous road accident that left his mother, Sarah, a stay at home mom, very traumatized.

“This is a very difficult time, son” Yegom’s mom said one evening, her eyes welling with tears, “if only your father could have saved some substantial amount of money, we could have opened a business within the locality.”

Sarah had been a writer for many years before she stayed at home as a housewife.  She had written a number of articles and fiction stories more as a way to pass time.

“Mom, there is definitely something that we can do, we just have to think harder, recollect ourselves and learn to live without a dad,” Yegom said looking confused.

Ever since his father passed on, Yegom knew something was always bothering his mother.  She always locked herself in her bedroom and would sit frail in her usual seat during dinner time.  She had lost her appetite, she saw no future worth living; she was tired.

“I will have to go back to writing more seriously if I am to pay for your school fees.”

“But, mom, how will you publish your writing?  Don’t you think we can find another way to make money even if it means quitting school?”  Yegom said looking hopeless.

The thought of Yegom leaving school always lingered, but Sarah always brushed it aside, always assuring herself that something good was coming their way.  As the only child, Sarah always wanted the best for Yegom.  She had once said that she would do anything to make sure that Yegom completed his education just like the neighbors’ children.

“Son, I have an idea,” Sarah said looking thoughtful, “your father once bought for me a book, he bought it from Amazon, and he said that several people sell books without having to do prints.  He said he could even sell for me some of the work that I had done,” She continued. “Yes, he talked of selling Kindle editions and that is all I can do now.  I will also try to sell freelance writing services.  All I need is internet.”

The next day, Yegom’s mom carried out online research, got an affordable internet provider and a lot of information about Amazon Kindle edition eBooks and other online job sites like oDesk and Fiverr.  She had set out to do it.  She purchased unlimited internet services and set out to write a fitness book.

She did not know that the internet was her family’s blessing in disguise.

Within a very short time after registering on both oDesk and Fiverr, she started getting a few jobs here and there and writing her fitness book during her free time.  She carried extensive research and always consulted with friends and available experts on some of the proven ways of keeping fit.

There was something more.  Yegom finally got unlimited internet at home. Every evening after school, he would lock himself in his room researching and getting drills for javelin.  He had a well finished broomstick which he used in his practice in the field.  He was dedicated;  he did it every day and always hoped that one day he would get a breakthrough.

“I have realized lately that you are not studying like you used to do,” his mother asked him one evening.

“I do my studies, mom, more so in the night,” Yegom replied.

“As long as you don’t come here with poor results, you can change your study schedule,” the mom said understandingly.

“Yes mom!”

From his pocket money, Yegom managed to save at least some money to buy a javelin.  He managed to buy one after some time and later bought powerful Mizuno javelin footwear.  That was not all;  he also got some nice apparel that he used to don whenever he was going out to practice.

His mother was always watching.

He is a big guy now, he can manage himself well.  Yegom’s mom would always say to herself not wanting to leave her workstation.  Money was coming in, but slowly.

During the summer holiday of 2012, Yegom saw an advert in the newspaper promoting an upcoming javelin competition that was pitting persons from Bonze district, the city of Tallon and more.  Yegom thought of trying it out at this competition, but he had another feat ahead of him.  He had to participate in the district competitions before proceeding to the tournament which was dubbed Parker Javelin Awards.  This award was the initiative of a music artist, Parker, who enjoyed watching javelin and had therefore initiated the award to promote and develop the sport.

“Mom, I saw an advert today on the newspaper and I think it is something I can try out,” Yegom said shying a little, “the good thing about this competition is that it does not require one to be attached to an institution, so I can just go as an individual,” he continued.

“Great, son.  You can go ahead and try it out,” his mom beamed.

Yegom felt exalted, he felt relaxed, happier and loved.  He did not expect his mom to say yes without first fronting excuses.  At that point, Yegom knew he had his mom’s blessings, he was going full out.

“Thank you so much,” Yegom hugged his mom.

His mom was very much aware that after the time and investment he had put in place, he was not about to budge.  He had invested time and money to buy gear and to practice every evening.

“But, son, you should know that at the moment I do not have money,” the mother said looking a bit sorry, “I will therefore not be able to support you financially,” she continued.

“You don’t have to worry, mom.  The first competition will be at our school and I do not need transport for that.  I will only carry some packed lunch for the day,” Yegom said to his mom looking very excited.

“I mean, even after the first level of the competitions you will need money for transport to other venues,” Sarah retorted.

“Read the information,” Yegom gestured his mom while heading to the computer.

The details of the competition were very clear.  Everything was to be taken care of after the first competition.  It was more like an audition.  They would be provided with food, transport and a little allowance.  Moving higher every level also meant slightly more allowances.

Yegom took his time to practice.  He would go to the field each evening and would as well go to a nearby sports center to watch people train.  Yes, nobody was allowed but courtesy of his friend Robert, he would watch and once in a while participate when the team of professionals was not practicing.  He honed his skills thoroughly and kept on watching and borrowing ideas from YouTube videos.  When it was only a week to the competitions, he felt ready and confident.

During the first level of the competition, Robert accompanied Yegom to the school grounds.  It was a holiday season; the school had been booked by the organizers of Parker Javelin Awards.  Yegom could see several people practicing with some having conspicuous prowess.  That never scared him, he had done his part and he knew that there is always a winner.  He said to himself that he would not mourn over a loss, as long as he did his best.

When the time came for Yegom to throw, he knew it was his moment to either start the process on a good footing or mess it up altogether.  It was clear that the rules of javelin were dictated by IAAF and no techniques were allowed apart from the IAAF’s definition.  He had to stick to the rules of the game.  He collected himself, sighed heavily and loudly as if to release tension.

The javelin used was slightly longer, but did not make much of a difference;  it was just a 0.1m difference.  The grip was super.  His foot gear was fitting and his apparel made it comfortable for him to exert all his might in the throw.  In a matter of seconds, he would know how he could compare with the competitors who threw ahead of him.

“Big up, bro. Just do it!”  Robert said to Yegom tapping him on the back.

“Most definitely,” Yegom replied.

Yegom finally threw the javelin.  That was the best for the day!

The next level of competition was scheduled two weeks later.  Yegom had been positioned as the star of Bonze.  Three of them had been selected for the competition set for Tollan, it was a big thing with a prize of USD.15,000 for the number one, USD.10,000 for number two and USD.5,000 for number three.  Parker Javelin Awards was to bring more than 100 participants from different parts of the State.

Yegom continued to practice, and he got better facilities and guidance from his friend Robert who had seen his potential.  Robert always encouraged Yegom knowing that Yegom had a bright future.

On the day of the competition held at Tallon University in Tollan city, dignitaries were filing in.  Parker was around with some of his friends.  The city mayor was also around flanked by his friends, staff and family members.  Not left out were government dignitaries from the department of youths and sports.

I trust that you will follow guidance and wise counsel.  Remain steadfast and do your best.  I believe your best is the best.  Those were Yegom’s mother’s last words that morning when Yegom was leaving for the tournament.

Robert and Yegom were upbeat as they leisurely walked the pitch.  Yegom was so excited to see Parker around.  Parker was a top celebrity with a track record of ethics that endeared him to several corporate entities.  Robert looked calm about the dignitaries, it did not seem like anything of noticeable magnitude to him. Instead he kept on talking with Yegom to focus and not cower when the moment came.

When the event began after a series of entertainments and address from Parker, the mayor and government representatives, the entire place was glued to the goings on in the pitch.

Participants from Perol city, Grogon district, Fellspar, Tollan and more were all available.  It was a tough competition.

“Easy, bro, you are the best,” Robert told Yegom, “I don’t think there will be much of a competition here.”

Yegom’s first throw was an overly dismal performance.  He made several officials look at him in surprise.  They guessed that maybe he had no competition wherever he had come from.

“Sorry, I know that it was not your best,” Robert said assuring, “I am sure the next throw will be way better.”

“Yes, I lost my footwork and entire physical coordination.  I am certain to perform better,” Yegom said trying out some footwork techniques.

The competitors did their throws and measurements were taken at all levels. Every level was harder than the previous with competitors falling off at every level.  Yegom stuck around, he was moving up the ladder, and he had gone up two levels and was set for the finals.  It was only six of them left out of 100 competitors.

Yegom felt a bit tensed.  He knew that he had come from far. He pictured his mother in front of the computer working.  Yegom had this chance to make good money and save his mom from the struggle to pay school fees.  Make it or break it!


When the final throw was executed, it was checked against the rest and there was a winner.  The winner was $15,000 richer;  the winner received a trophy, training scholarship at the elite Sangsing Sports Academy and an opportunity to accompany Parker in his talent scouting tour which was to take place all over the country.

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