Getting Somewhere, Step By Step

by laserlife

In the world of today, it seemed to be apparent to Gabe that it is becoming more and more complicated to truly establish a genuine connection with somebody.  There is just so many people only looking at life from a very superficial point of view, and to be honest, this was very discouraging for a young guy that was still trying to find his place in the world. The only moment of the day when Gabe truly felt real was when he took some time off, at least 3 times a week, and went on long runs.  He loved to run around his neighborhood at night because there was just a very special peace.  He lived pretty close to the woods, and there were not a lot of folks around during evenings in the winter, so it was a very big plus.  Not only was running great for his health and training process, but he could take some time off just to think about life , plans, future and so on.  He kept thinking that he was more than just a face in the crowd, but on the other hand, he did not really know what to do with himself.  He kept thinking, joking, that the only thing he could seriously consider doing was running.  Then the silliness of the idea turned a little more serious as he thought…”why not?”

It did not take long before Gabe decided to take running out of his neighborhood, and started to train to become a professional athlete within the discipline.  His progresses were noticeable from the start, as he became one of the youngest, most promising athletes within his circle, so much that he had the chance to travel around, representing his college as an athlete.  Gabe never imagined that running would get him somewhere (see the irony of it?) but he just kept on pouring his heart and body out, doing what he loved doing and truly leaving his mark in his athletic community.  Being good at something is what can give you a perspective in life, and even better, having the chance to make a living off what you love doing truly turns on something in you that makes you consider giving a true shot at making your dreams come true.  Being a part of the next team to travel to compete to the world-famous Olympic games was the next big dream, the next massive challenge.  Was this something way too high to be considered as a reasonable target, something worth fighting for?  Gabe did not really know, but for the first time in his life, the idea did not seem really absurd.  The important part was that, at least, he found something to look forward to, as opposed to his earlier condition.  He started to realize that he could finally afford dreaming, and he wanted to dream big!   And this might sound cheesy and somewhat irrelevant, but it’s the biggest driving force a human being could ever cling onto.

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