Never Giving Up

by laserlife

Robert Fillmore was a young, dynamic 23 years old with a dream: he wanted to start his own gym, and most of all, he wanted to perfect his own training program, in order to help people of all walks of life to make the best out of their training efforts. He noticed that so many people couldn’t keep up with their work-out routines for the simple fact that they just didn’t do it right: It’s not about working hard, it’s about working smart.  Robert was determined to prove his concept to the masses, and start a successful business to make a living doing what he loved and help people stay in shape and easily track their physical progresses.Life however, had other plans.

One morning, Robert was out cycling to work early, when a car just appeared from around the corner.  He did not have time to react, because he was wearing headphones and did not notice the car coming in.  All he could remember was that terrible sound, the impact…his face on the asphalt.  Then only darkness.

A few hours later, he woke up, covered in blood. His parents, his little brothers were there, crying.  Doctors  and nurses were rushing around him with a serious expression on their faces.  Very serious expressions. As he woke up, everybody started to become more agitated.

“What happened to me?” – was all he could say.

“You have been hit by a car, son”.  The doctor looked at him with a compassionate feel.

Robert tried to move but he just could not feel his limbs.  “I can’t move!”  he exclaimed.

The doctors made everybody get out of the room and they explained to him that chances he could get back to walk would be very, very slim, if any at all.

Something snapped in Roberts mind.  Paralyzed. At 23?  “No!, No! No!”

He moved his body, shaking like a haunted exorcism victim, he fell on the floor and tried his best to stand up, but he could not.

His family was crying, the doctors sedated him and put him back to sleep.

When he woke up, he was alone in his room, and made a promise to himself: never give up.  Every day, he tried to move a muscle, tried to sit up on the bed…2 months went by and finally…he was able to feel a sensation in his legs! He called the doctors and his family, and showed everybody that he could move his toes!

In spite of all the odds he was recovering.  Doctors started him on physiotherapy and in a matter of a few months, he was able to get out of the hospital…on his feet, with the help of a walker!

“When will I be able to train again?”

The doctors looked at him with a worried expression…”well, son.  I am afraid your body is just too weak now.  It will take many years before you will fully recover.”

Robert, refused to believe this.  As soon as he could, he got  a subscription to a local gym and started to apply his work out concepts.  Everyday, he got into a swimming pool and started to walk in the water, 10 minutes every day.  Then he did some strategic stretching, some walking against the wall….Short, half an hour focused training sessions like these, every day for about 5 months.

The doctors and his family noticed that Robert was getting better and better. After a full year from the accident, he was able to jump.  He was able to run short distances, he was able to lift minor weights.  But most of all, he had proven that his concept worked, on himself.  He used his case to develop his training method, which is, to this day, one of the most effective physiotherapies in the world.

This story is dedicated to those dreamers who never give up.

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