What About Dancing?

by laserlife

There has been a lot of misconception about fighting as a sport.  The public opinion labels nearly all martial arts and combat disciplines as “fringe” sports merely for brutal and violent people who are only good at breaking bones and pounding on stuff.  In reality, this misconception could not be more far off from the actual reality of the situation.

Martial Arts and fighting share, in fact, more attributes with dancing than they do with brawls and frays.

There is a lot of unseen work going on in the mind of a fighter other than punching and crushing the opponent.  There is just so much focus, strategic thinking at high speed and motor skills at work during a fight that sometimes it feels more like choreography.  This is why Enrico Malbergo got so into fighting in the first place.  He was never interested in the confrontational side of it, but he was more interested in the movements and in the whole work of athletic preparation that he considered exciting and so very rewarding.

Enrico had gone a really long way since his early training: His coach was so confident in his skills that he quickly rose to the attention of the whole boxing school, which invested a lot on him, speaking about money and time, in order to give him the opportunity to perform on a national level.  There was once a particularly great match, a striking victory for Enrico, who usually was a winner, but not because he was particularly strong or physically powerful.  He was so well coordinated and so agile in his movement that his opponent quickly became tired and disoriented.  Even some members from the audience were nearly hypnotized and mesmerized by Enrico’s perfect, balanced movements, to the point that they would almost forget it was actually a boxing contest and not really an artistic performance.

Such was the talent of this young athlete that he started to attract the attention of one of the most prestigious artistic institutes in the country, with a particular focus on dance.  When an agent submitted an invitation to try out for the dancing academy, he initially though it was a joke and hardly considered it.  But the more he tried to ignore it, the more he felt a feeling of curiosity quickly making its way inside of his mind.  A few weeks went by, with Enrico living with the thought of this new open door. “What will it be like?” he thought. “How will my family and friends react?”.  This is something he always wanted to do, even though he could never find the courage to face his family and run for it, opting instead to train himself in the only “acceptable” sport he could find that offered such work in athletics and coordination: fighting.  In the end, he decided that it was time to step up for what he knew was the best decision for himself, and managed to get back to the academy just slightly on time before the end of the deadline.  Despite an initial shock and quite a lot of bullying from his so called “friends”, Enrico is now one of the leading performers in his discipline, earning stellar figures and traveling worldwide!

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