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The score is 22 -24.  Just one more point, one more mistake, or one more successful attack will conclude the ending of this game.  I have never been more pressured in my life.  Yet, I have always wanted this to happen.  I have always wanted to make a decision.  I want to drive the path that this game will end up with.Everything started way back during the High School Sports State Convention. I used to play as a hitter, the one who makes most of the attacks, most of the points.  At one point, during the week-long stretch of competition, there were a lot of situations where my attacks got across the blockers’ defenses.  Sometimes, it will turn out favorable to the team and will make us take an advantage, and even win the game.  In unfortunate times, it will be the cause of our loss.

We went against the top contender of the western bracket, we were from the east.  It was the semifinals and of course, the tension is starting to build up with everyone.  The players, the coaches, the committees and the crowd are all anticipating heart-stopping games.  Their expectations far exceed the rest of the past games.  We need to be perfect, or at least bring home the bacon for our supporters.

Fast forward to the 4th set, and the standing is 1-2 out of the 5 sets allotted for the game.  Luckily, we are the ones who won 2 sets already.  We also managed to keep a lead all throughout the start of the 4th set.  But we never made a big one.  The score is playing around 2 to 3 point lead.

The score is 21-24.  We’re all feeling confident at this time.  We just need one more score, and we’ll make it to the finals.  We also have the service from our court.

The referee blows his whistle and I saw the ball as it was received by the other team.  Their libero passed it to their setter, and they made a quick attack that went past our defenses.  Most of us suddenly felt nervousness and fear; the fear of losing our momentum.  If we won’t win this set, we’ll just go back to worrying about the game.

The score is on 22-24 and the service will come from the other court.  The whistle echoed around the play area, as the crowd seems to be feeling the intensity of this game-turning volleyball rally.  After the sweet exchanges, I finally had a good view of their scattered position.  Their last attack was blocked and the ball is now up in the air and is directed towards me.

I was supposed to set it to our mid hitter, but I decided to toss it behind me, across the net.  As I was turning around to see if it was received, the referee has blown his whistle, and we won the game!

Now, it seems that history might repeat itself.  The score is the same with that game that I remembered so I did the same misleading trick.  I didn’t need to turn around as my teammates already ran to me to celebrate.

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