The Twin Towers of North Eastern College

by typehere


We’re not twins but they consider us as one.  We kept ourselves different, which we naturally are.  She keeps a low ponytail and I keep a bun whenever were around the court.  I’m an inch taller than her but her body is more toned than mine. I wear girly clothes and she wears a sporty look.  But every time we walk side by side around the campus, classroom, hallway and gymnasium, all we could here is “Hey there twins!”

I just don’t understand what’s with the fuzz of calling us twins when we’re not even the same age.  I don’t know if some people just don’t really have something good to say yet they want their voice to be heard.  It’s not fine with me and my sister to get through it every day but we don’t mind it unless we’re being recognized as the twin towers of North Eastern College.

Getting called by names is one of the things that volleyball has brought to the two of us.  But the perks of being recognized as a symbol for our school, it’s a different thing and we are proud of that.  And because both of us are tall, we’re not really doing the play of substitution.  We fight together inside the court, we support each other and we win together.

I am tall but I always get the second ball and there’s no one I am more confident setting the ball to than my sister.  Don’t get me wrong, I still set the ball to my other teammates with quick set, free spikes, power alleys and power tips.  But maybe because my sister and I have been playing volleyball since we were young, we have already developed some kind of connections with our play.

The attack line is our sweet spot in every game and the back court lets us rest for a bit, unless we need to switch with our other team members during desperate times.  She could be a decoy too, for our deep sets and cut shots.  But what I’m really proud of is when my sister makes an outside hit from my set.  It gets us a point every single time and if not, shatters the defenses of our opponent team.

And don’t get me started on how we team up for a double block that has shattered a lot of hoping hitters for a score.  We could get wiped too and give an easy score for the enemy team. The way we do some turning in to deflect the ball inbounds is well coordinated too.

North Eastern College has found star players with me and my sister, but what we found is a home for our passion.  We may not be the best in the collegiate league, but we sure do great together as partners, as a fellow volleyball player with our friends and as a team.  We may get called twins outside the court, but if that is how they see us, we better live up to it.

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