Angles and Force

by typehere

I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately.  And I laugh about how scientifically inaccurate some of them are. I know they try to impress viewers with special effects and plot twists, but sometimes it is really funny when they try too hard.  The events were not even close to reality.  It is more like pure luck.For someone who contemplates on movie fails on the scientific side, I also believe that everything regarding my favorite sport has an equivalent scientific equation.  I’m not a nerd or anything close to that.  I’m not even the best in my class.  I just fancy how accurate my actions can be while playing.

I always do trial and error in volleyball practice.  It is a hard thing though, since a lot of external factors are uncontrollable: the speed and direction of the wind; the force and direction of the ball from the opposing team and the force exerted by my team.  But little by little, I’m starting to have more accurate service, receive and spikes.  Fortunately, more than 50% of those attempts were successful.  A practice game with another university is coming this weekend, and I’ve been constantly practicing even at home.

I talk about these ideas I have to some of my teammates.  Some laugh about it, some agree, though not completely and some understand my point. It is really a time-consuming and variable study, and we don’t have much time for it.  Others play normally, why I play with a lot of calculations inside my mind.

The morning before the practice game, I am practicing the force exertion and directing the ball.  One of my teammates came by and joined me in studying the right equation for service, receives and spikes.

Two heads are really better than one.  We were able to study to use the blockage of the ball to our advantage.  On a regular case, a blocker’s hands will be a few inches apart, going closer when the ball is already flying towards them.  While it is getting closer, it tends to go downwards a bit.  As an attacker, it will be effective to avoid being blocked by spiking the ball just a little bit upwards.  It will go against their fingers.  Depending on the timing, the ball may go to the person behind the blockers, or it will go above the blockers and the attackers.  It will buy more time for our attacking team to reposition themselves.  Little did we know that this discovery of ours will be useful to our practice game.

We had a great start in the game, leading by two sets. Just another one and we will emerge victorious.  We will win the game if we can get the current set.  We are just a point away from winning and I am starting to juggle with multiple calculations inside my mind again.  It is already Four in the afternoon, I am expecting occasional winds going against our way.  I’m purposely exerting an extra effort to send the ball to their back court.  I over calculated the wind and the ball touched the line.

My friend, tapped me and signals for us to just put our little discovery to the test.  She set the ball up to me and I carefully hit it in an upward direction.  It touched the blocker’s fingertips just as she is going to move her left hand.  It was pushed out of bounds, giving us the much needed point for the game.  We won.  My friend and I talked about our little discovery with others and some of them started to consider our notion.

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