by typehere

“Lee!  Down to the backcourt”  our setter shouted as she tossed the ball over to my side of the court. I sprinted from the outside line to attack their defenses.  I wasn’t able to take a good look at the backcourt as the hands of their blockers were perfectly blocking my view. I took my chances and spiked the ball in between their hands.  It somehow passed through but there was contact so the ball slowed down, but went in another direction.  It is funny how the start of this day went really bad and now I wish that I didn’t do that thing; that one stupid thing.

So I was walking yesterday at the mall looking for a new set of knee pads because my dog furiously played with it.  I really mean furiously, the knee pad turned into trash.  After I bought my fresh pair for the next day’s game, I passed by some acquaintances from the Volleyball team.  They were acquaintances because they are on the Second team and we just hangout during practice games.  The school gives “us”, the members of the First Team, a different training.

They noticed me even as I tried to walk briskly and act like I’m texting and not looking around.  “Miss Lee!” the strawberry blonde girl called me out. I think her name was Winona.  I hesitantly looked around; still trying to act like I hadn’t noticed them.  “Over here!” she shouted again.  She was so persistent.

I finally turned at their direction, mumbling under my breath as I walked towards them.  “Sit down!”  she said in a loud voice. I assume she wanted it to be obvious so I won’t brush off her request.  I awkwardly sat beside her as her friends stared at me.

“She’s the striker of our first team” she boasted and it obviously got everyone’s attention.  Not everyone on that table were volleyball players.  I heard “oohs” like it was some kind of a big deal for them.  The next thing I knew, I was crawling up to my bed.  I felt so dizzy and I threw up on my carpet.  Winona made me drink up and she never stopped saying compliments whenever I was trying to show that I was about to leave.

I woke up today with the worst headache I’ve had since the graduation exams.  My bed was all messed up and my room smelled awful.  I tried to step out of my bed and stepped on my broken alarm clock.  I don’t even know why it was there.  I went downstairs and tried to look at the time.

Oh no!  It was already 2 in the afternoon and my game would start at 5PM.  I scrambled all around the house to prepare myself.  I managed to arrive right before the first set.

Aside from the headache that felt like murdering me, my joints also feel swollen.  I felt weak and restless even if I slept a lot already.  Every timeout called, I can see Winona and some of her close peers laughing at me.  I was such a fool for their childish play.

So now that the last score might be mine, I was just hoping for the best.  With all the wrong decisions I made yesterday, I finally got it right now.  The ball went to the outside direction. The whistle was blown. Score for our team. Victory is ours!

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