No Such Thing as Too Young

by typehere


He waved at the girls as usual and they all squealed with glee.  “Stop squealing and get up!”  the little girls stood up and immediately formed their lines.  He looked at each of them, knowing that they wanted to lead the warm-up routine.  He had always been picking out random members of the volleyball team to lead but this time; He called out the first row to lead.  The girls jumped off until they reached the front and they went on with the warm-up routine.

Later on, Alice approached him with a big grin on her small blushing face.  “I did a lot of research last night, Ripley.”

“Really sweetie?  Tell me about it!”  he tried to sound so eager to hear his little student talk about her research.  He wasn’t expecting her to say something like, “We should try practicing a quick set!”  Her smile was just so genuine and really glowing.  Her smile was almost the same with his, as he realized that his little student made some serious research.

He felt like they should step up their volleyball training.  He was originally hired to teach the little girl’s the basics of volleyball, just to make them busy as requested by their parents.  But they have no intention of taking it seriously. So when he saw the opportunity, he decided that he’ll take the chance to mold the desires of the little girls to play volleyball.

He called out everyone to practice setting the ball and separate the ones who are good in tossing.  Fortunately, three girls immediately showed potential so he made them practice on the sides.  The next thing he needs is spikers.  Alice immediately stepped up to try.

He tossed the ball near the net and Alice jumped along with it.  She tried her best to hit the ball so hard.  Well she did but she was too short to hit it over the net.  It went straight back to her.  As she landed on the ground, she took the ball and handed it to Ripley.  Her eyes were so sad and her lips formed a cute frown.  He bent his back to look at her eye level and tried to cheer her up, “You did good!  Now go to the end of the line.”  Alice ran off to the line formed by her teammates.

“We’ll practice quick sets, okay?”  The eyes of his students were enlightened even if half of them didn’t really understand.

Each of them anticipated Ripley’s ball toss up in the air.  Their heads were all up, waiting for the right time to hit the ball.  It went on for a couple of rounds until he asked them to spike the ball as soon as he tossed it up.

His smile was evident as Alice made the first successful quick set of that day.

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