Revenge SERVED Hot

by typehere

Today is Oakwood University’s try-outs for the volleyball team.  Jenna and I are on our way to the registration area.  After writing in our names, we went through a series of tests.

The next day, results were posted in the university’s paper. My name is included, but as a new member of Team B, Jenna is on Team A.  I’m pretty sure we did our best, but we always do the same things together.  She even messed up a little on the third part of the try-outs.

Later in the afternoon, we gathered on the open playground.  I asked the team captain for extracurricular activities so we can improve our skills.  But the team captain seemed to be uneasy with my suggestion.

“You should be on the Team A.”  she said.  Was it a compliment or an insult?  “That dumb blonde friend of yours -” she continued.  My ears twitched.  That is my best friend that she is talking about.

“She told the volleyball team adviser that you have AIDS.  And that you are trying to get onto the team to forget about your sickness.  The team adviser pitied you so she placed you here and that girl on the Team A.  You lost your spot.  I’m looking at you now and you seem, fine.”

“Of course I am!!!”  the other team members looked at me with surprised eyes.  “I’m not sick!  I don’t have that contagious disease and I have a medical report to prove that!  I’m not letting her get away with this.”  I angrily walked out but then the captain stopped me.

“You shouldn’t really go there like that.  She’ll just deny it, I’m pretty sure of that.”  She’s right.  I feel so depressed right now.  I wanted to confront her, to tell everyone that she’s wrong, that she’s lying and she’s a fake!

“Why don’t you just prove yourself to them on the match between Team A and B.  It will be held during the second semester.”  she suggested.  She’s right, I won’t back down.

The second semester is still far away so we have a lot of time to practice, to bond as a team and to all learn together.  We can’t openly practice at school so we do it at the team captain’s place.  We are always improving our speed, accuracy and quick thinking.  The captain’s place may be far from all of us, but we’re still not giving up because of the improvements that we can see with ourselves.  It just proves that passion and team effort bears fruit.

The day of the match finally came.  The crowd is cheering for the Team A as usual but we won’t lose composure.  We have prepared for this for so long.

The game is on and we won the first set.  The gymnasium suddenly became full.  At the start of the second set, we can hear some people rooting for us.  It made us more energetic so that we are able to snatch the second set.

The Team A is starting to wonder, some of them are dumbfounded.  We are not the Team B that was being disregarded before.  When we changed courts, I passed on my medical exam to the team adviser.  She scratched her head and had a little talk with Jenna about it.

The third set came and for the final score, I made a drop ball for my dear best friend.  I know it is her weakness and it feels so good to use it against her.  Nothing is sweeter than revenge served hot.

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