Sun Dipped

by typehere

They say that many people are always looking forward to summer.  I beg to differ.  Summer is when the sun’s scorching heat seems to literally get into my nerves.  The people you pass by smells like the sun, and they are obviously not enjoying the sweat coming out of everywhere. Dehydration and heat stroke can be rampant at some point to.  But for me, the only reason I hate summer, is the beach volleyball season.

Yes, I play beach volleyball, but I really don’t like it.  Mom always signs me up with a partner I barely know just to fulfill dreams of being a volleyball player.  Maybe because of the constant competition and forced learning, I’m already a good contender in the event.  For this year, I’ll be teaming up with a foreign player.  Today will be the first time we will meet, and we’ll be playing together.  I don’t mind and neither does she.  As long as we get to the top of the team standings, we’re good as friendly strangers.

For our qualifying matches, we will be going against regular competitors in this beach volleyball league.  I already played with some of them, while I watched the game of others.  I can just quit and not show up to this game, but why am I still present?  I’m looking forward to beating my best place every single year.  My sense of self-fulfillment is far greater than not wanting to participate at all.

The first two matches are a piece of cake.  My new partner is really good in faking his spikes into drop balls.  He even makes some misleading form and eye contact to confuse our opponents.  Even if he plays like that, I’m still far better than him.  My spike directions and receiving are accurate.  I don’t need to confuse or mislead my opponents just to get the ball past their defenses.  If I need to put the ball near the back line, I can.
We made it past the qualifying rounds and for our first quarterfinals match; we faced off with new competitors.  I never saw them on the past events so they must be new.  They are pretty lucky to be able to survive until the quarterfinals.

We’re going to be the first one to serve the ball.  The two of our opponents were both on the back end of their court.  I purposely spiked the ball near to the net to get a quick score.  By the time the ball flew over our court, the other player was already in front, near the net.  Maybe she just realized that they left the front open.  But as the game goes on, I’m sensing something different on their movements.  They are really quick.  Their response time and quick reflexes are amazing.  Even if my partner is using his misleading tactics, and I, my swift and accurate spikes, they are still able to receive it.  Even if it got past through them, they are always able to catch up on it.

The result of the match is inevitable.  For the first time, I have never been this depressed and motivated at the same time.  I have been playing beach volleyball for so long, that I turned out to be much confident.  From now on, I will be playing for next year to win.

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