To Lead is to Teach

by typehere
Cassadee is the captain of the university’s volleyball team.  She’s the perfect leader: friendly, understanding, can get along well with other people and she has all the volleyball skills of a team captain.  She was the perfect choice and the perfect girl for the position.  Many players have dreamt of getting into her position.  Many of her team members are looking up to her as an inspiration, as a great leader.But it’s not what Cassadee had in her mind.  She never wanted to be the team captain.  She was chosen but she was not even looking forward to it.  She accepted the role, the responsibility, just because she can.

It turns out that being the team captain is burning her out.  The expectations are overwhelming.  All of her movements are being watched.  It seems like with  just a little mistake, she can lose everything.  She gets support from her team members, but she also gets hatred and threats once in a while.

To divert all of the negative things, she decided to arrange an after-practice intensive training.  They usually allot around 10 hours a week for practices and general training, but she can see the players that need personal coaching.  She knows the players who just need a little more push, motivation and targeted skill practice in order to improve during the game.

She started off with the rookie hitter of the team.  She agreed to lay out more hours for some kind of personal practice.  It turned out pretty well.  The rookie was a fast learner.  After 2 weeks, she has already learned how to do top spins, hard and soft spikes and tips properly.  Her gradual improvement made the coach promote her to the first line of substitutions.

The next one in line for the training is another hitter.  This hitter is off in her timing and split second decisions.  Most of the time, her spikes are being blocked because of the timing.  They went through past videos of the team’s play to cover the options of attacking mid-air.  The hitter is a pretty good jumper so her hang time is better than most players.  Cassadee taught her all the possible attacks she can choose from in a split-second.

After training a couple more players, she understood her position more.  Amidst the negative sides of it, there are also more benefits to consider.  She can teach her team members.  She gets to talk with the coach about all the suggestions she has.  She can’t just stay on the sidelines and watch everything; she can move around to make the team better.

Being the team captain is not always about leading.  Sometimes, it can be the best way for you to easily reach out to other people and to teach them.  The position is assumed by greedy people, starving for attention and shoving down respect to others’ throats.

Cassadee decided that being the team captain is not just a gift, it is a great opportunity.

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