Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

by laserlife

That was something very idiosyncratic about Mike Dylan.  He fell in love with waterpolo at a really young age, and despite the fact that they always knew making a living out of this sport was not going to be a walk in the park, his parents did all they could to encourage Mike following his dreams. As the years went by, training got more intense,  and it came to the point in Mike’s life that a series of sacrifices needed to be made: When you are just a kid in school or a teenager, it is relatively easy to balance your school activity with something like an extra-curricular sport.  You are actually prized because of it, and even the institutions encourage you not to give up, giving you all sorts of incentives, from more friendly deadlines to better marks and other privileges for the athletically gifted.  But once Mike reached his late 20s and started to face the professional world, he soon realized things were not going to be so easy.  His family was very supportive, but unfortunately they could not offer a significant monetary support to Mike, and that meant that he needed to support himself through a dayjob.  The plan was theoretically pretty straight forward and easy,  “work your shift and get the paycheck in order to pay your rent and other bills, then off to the training facilities and touring with the team!” , Mike Thought.  With the brightest optimistic approach, Mike took up a job at a local fast food, and he managed to schedule his working hours so that he could finally show up for training with his team in the evening.  He soon realized that this heavy daily routine was not being very kind to his stress levels, and even his physical performances were not giving the same excellent results because of it.  The stress levels were especially raised by the upcoming season, which meant that there was a lot of work to be done with the team, not only on a physical and strategic level, but also to secure his spot as a mainstay on the field.  It came to the point where Mike was faced with a fork in the road.  It was going to be the job or the team.  He certainly did not love his working environment, but on the other hand, a monthly paycheck was certainly a valuable asset to rely on.  But that sport was the reason why his heart was beating, and he could not imagine a life without it.  This is that kind of thing that you cannot simply turn into a weekend hobby, he was simply too involved.

One day, he just had to make a decision, but what was it going to be?  Heart or Reason?  There was only one thing that made sense, and Mike knew that he would live with regret haunting the rest of his life if he did not try really hard to make it.  He quit his dayjob and left with his team, playing matches all over the country.  This caused a fall out with his parent initially…but it did not take long before the whole family was gathered in front of a tv screen, proudly watching Mike’s moves in the water and cheering for him with tears in their eyes, not because of that particular team, but because he did it.  He was brave with his decisions , and was rewarded because of it.

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